In response to Jessica’s gif of Stan… mY BEAUTIFUL GAY BABY OMFG nightmare, moga you better keep this one safe or I swear. He’s almost as innocent as Jacob (tho none can compare in innocence to the adorable Oscar) and those are to remain protected™ (tho all of them are cheeky little bastards when they aren’t kids bUT THATS NOT THE POINT HERE) ;-; look what you’ve done to me

@borrowedtimeandspace – Hiya! Stan is actually mine, but I can see how it’d be easy to get that mixed up given how often we poke artists like @mogadeer for visual representations of the boy. Her version is cute, and it’s hard to dispute how adorable the gif with the mousie is x3


@nightmares06– I have no idea what you’re talking about, keeping characters “safe.”

@neonthewrite – Not gonna lie, the gif of Stan with the mousie makes me think of Oscar a little bit too because he is an honorary mousie himself (part of where his innocent factor comes from, really). I agree, protect all these cuties 2kever (I say, while I plan the next Sad Oscar installment).

From what I know of Stan, there are so so many more reasons to love him besides the fact that he’s gay, and I think it’s important to remember that it doesn’t define him! Just like Jacob being asexual isn’t the reason he has fans too. 

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