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if Sam is hiding in the pocket, fully hidden and unnoticed, but Dean is chatting with another human, will the knack be mildly active due to the proximity or turned off completely?

Sam will, but only under certain conditions!

The knack is wholly psychic, so it operates without him actually needing to be seen. If someone glances at Dean’s pocket, he’ll feel a slight tingle and know to stay still. If someone actually knows he’s there, it’ll grow much stronger. The strength of the alert he gets is related to if someone has actually seen him and if they mean him any harm.

As it is, Sam will most likely elbow Dean to let him know whenever that happens. This way Dean can be sure to keep their attention off his pocket, or leave the situation if they’ve figured him out.

I was rereading brothers apart and I have to ask – where the heck is Sam’s knak?? I mean, I couldn’t find it anywhere, and he has one in all the other aus, so did I miss something? Or is there a reason for this? Course I’m really confused over here…

Nope, you didn’t miss anything!

The first stories for Brothers Apart was written quite a bit before the other stories were ever conceived of. In the beginning, the story shadowed the Supernatural storyline a lot closer, before the story really took off in its own direction.

Sam used to have the same ability from the TV show, where he got prophetic dreams. I ended up switching tracks around the time that Taken was being written, and decided to give my borrowers their own special abilities instead of paralleling the special children from season 2. 

If I remember right, you will see bits and pieces of Sam’s knack start to appear in Taken, and then it shows up fully in Adventures at Bobby’s. We started writing A Lich of Sense right after Taken, and after that all the rest of the AUs took off and Sam’s knack became official, with Dean’s shortly following.

A lot of the ideas for the knacks owe a huge thanks to my cowriters! They wouldn’t be anywhere near as developed without them, and @neonthebright is the one that came up with Dean’s knack!

These days we love brainstorming on who would have what knack if they grew up a borrower!


At first, the tingling on Sam’s neck was sporadic. He only got a glance or two from the mother, and on occasion the clerk would stare around at the displays as well, keeping her eyes on all the toys in the building and probably watching out for any possible theft that could occur.

Each time her eyes passed over his spot, the pricking returned. And, as the door swung open, admitting the next family in, it burst into a fire. One little boy’s eyes were glued to the display case immediately, and he ran right over. Sam forced himself to stop trembling, though his instincts were quailing under the oversized, too-close scrutiny.

The boy’s voice rang out. “Mooooomm, we should get one of these!” The eyes were covetous as they stared at the knife that had been lovingly handcrafted by Dean, outstretched in Sam’s shaky, clammy hand. The child’s hand landed on the glass close by, grubby fingerprints smudging the clear surface.

Sam couldn’t hide a flinch at the sound, or the size of the hand that stretched higher than his head, but the child was already staring beseechingly up at his mom, large eyes trying to get her to go along with his plan. Her shadow fell over Sam as she leaned in, piercing blue eyes spotting the price tag that was tied to his leg.

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Artwork by @mogadeer!

How does Sam’s knack works around blind humans?

It’ll work the same!

It’s a psychic knack, so it’s not tied to anything physical going on. If someone senses he’s there, whether they see him or not, he’s going to know. This includes a blind or normal human hearing him close by. It’s a very handy ability to have when he’s avoiding notice!

(Sorry for how long it’s taking to answer these, life has been tough this month)

October 21st excerpt:

Jacob didn’t make a lot of conversation while he was eating, not when the only other people around were so little. The sprites didn’t like to think of it, so he was well conditioned. In the end, he was back on the laptop after retrieving one of the old books for Sam. More than once, Jacob’s focus drifted off the latest web page to peek at the way Sam had to go to so much effort just to turn a page.

Each time, Sam would stiffen, the microscopic hairs on the back of his neck raising at the feeling. At first, he tried to hide the reaction, staying hunched over the book until he had to shuffle to the next page, sometimes turning it while remaining on the book, occasionally stepping off to push it over.

This time when Jacob looked, Sam was already looking back, sensing the glance coming and sending an annoyed, bitchy glare. “Something on my face?” Sam asked grumpily, the long hours of research showing in the lines etched around his eyes.

Jacob, all of six feet and five inches, flinched as that glare leveled on him.

Sam will still feel Jacob when he looks at him (and boy is that a weird feeling to get from a guy smaller than him, but Jacob remains uncursed), but since Jacob is both nonthreatening and means no harm, it’ll be very light, almost like a tickle. Even Dean will make a more solid impression on Sam when he glances over. 

TorchMLP: So, in supernatural, a huge part of the story is Sam having demon blood. In this au, does Sammy still have the blood?
nightmares06: No demon blood XD I was never a fan
nightmares06: He is a pure bean

It is a psychic ability, so it would respond the same as it would to anyone else seeing him. He’d get a general sense of unease, the strength of it depending if he’ll be in any danger from the person seeing him, and know to duck instantly out of sight, hopefully leaving the birdwatcher to assume they’re seeing things. Range doesn’t matter for this ability, only the act of being seen

It’s very difficult to say who would have what knack! We’ve straightened out a few of the rules for their knacks, but each persons is completely unique. Siblings normally have abilities that complement each other, just like Sam and Dean. With no sibling, Jacob’s is standalone. The closer the siblings, the more their abilities complement each other.

Mallory would likely have something that would help her see into the hearts of others, while Walt would at least *want* something to help his family. That’s a cute thought for Bree! Very Alice-in-Wonderlandish.