October 21st excerpt:

Jacob didn’t make a lot of conversation while he was eating, not when the only other people around were so little. The sprites didn’t like to think of it, so he was well conditioned. In the end, he was back on the laptop after retrieving one of the old books for Sam. More than once, Jacob’s focus drifted off the latest web page to peek at the way Sam had to go to so much effort just to turn a page.

Each time, Sam would stiffen, the microscopic hairs on the back of his neck raising at the feeling. At first, he tried to hide the reaction, staying hunched over the book until he had to shuffle to the next page, sometimes turning it while remaining on the book, occasionally stepping off to push it over.

This time when Jacob looked, Sam was already looking back, sensing the glance coming and sending an annoyed, bitchy glare. “Something on my face?” Sam asked grumpily, the long hours of research showing in the lines etched around his eyes.

Jacob, all of six feet and five inches, flinched as that glare leveled on him.

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