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For all stories written and edited, when we are in the last week of our current story posting ( Family Ties ), there will be a poll put up. It will list the titles of the stories ( not their AU names), and gives us a fun way to fairly randomize what posts next. The horror story with Jacob is the third story in the Brothers Found verse, so we won’t see that on the poll just yet, and Brothers Consulted is currently in progress of being written.

Fear not, they will be posted in the future!

Story excerpts for Brothers Consulted starting soon.

So far, it’s been a secret, but you asked so nicely we’ll let everyone know :3

The story with extra smol Jacob is found in Brothers Found, so this tiny little guy is used to standing at a full 6′5″ tall normally! He’s really not prepared for what happens – and he doesn’t even shrink to just over an inch at the start. It begins with him ending up ‘sprite-sized,’ as Bowman so eloquently puts it.

Jacob hesitated before taking that last step and leaning on SEND; up until now, he’d merely had a view of trees and birds and squirrels at his new (hopefully not permanent) size. Calling Dean meant he’d be asking someone over six feet tall to come to his aid. With Jacob standing just over four inches, that would a huge shock.

But, he had to stop and remind himself, Dean was probably the best person to trust with this situation. Dean’s younger brother, Sam, was this size, after all. Not from the same thing, as he understood it (thankfully, since they had never found any leads on getting Sam back to his natural size), but still. Dean knew how to deal with smaller people better than anyone else. The guy would probably give Jacob endless shit about it (especially since Jacob had finally passed him in height), but if anyone in the world could help, it was Dean and Sam Winchester.

“Well? Prove that it works!” Bowman said, impatient as he stared at the device. Even when he’d seen Jacob using the phone, he never had a great angle on the object in action. He was convinced that Jacob was either joking with him, or that the device ran by magic. As Jacob pressed a button with a weird green symbol, Bowman watched the phone with eager curiosity. At least it was a momentary distraction from the fact that one of his best friends was almost a twentieth of his usual gigantic size.

Jacob wasn’t quite as young as poor Sam was when he shrank. He was 14 years old and already on his way to being tall, even if he wasn’t quite as tall as the then-20-year-old Sam that found him. Sam decided to take care of the kid right away, even giving up his dollhouse bed without even being asked. He knew how much it helped him with coming to terms with his new size, and he wanted to help Jacob with that, too (I know, they’re all such sweeties and really it’s deadly cute). At the time of Brothers Adopted, it’s been 3 years since Jacob was cursed.

For a reference, here’s about what Jacob looked like back then (only with brown eyes):


We’re so happy that you’re enjoying them (and especially happy that everyone is looking forward to seeing Jacob show up, he’s gotta be one of my ( @nightmares06 ) favorite characters to rp against), and we are currently leaning in this direction. It would be weird to go back to one post a week, really. Though I’m also not against the option to switch to only one story posting at a time, with more updates. It would put a stop to constant BA updates, though, so we’ll wait to see if anyone else likes that option.

We don’t have an exact time line for when we will have smol Jacob’s premier just yet, but we’ve been considering moving up when we post the first of the AU’s we have under construction. We’re still working on editing, having them beta’d and actually writing them currently, but expect to see a poll soon for everyone’s input on how it’s done! And we’ll also have a poll to decide which AU is posted, though Brothers Found will not be included in the poll until after A Lich of Sense is concluded because of possible spoilers included in that series.

For anyone interested in finding more about Jacob in his canon storyline with Bowman Leafwing, check out Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood.

It’s been great fun seeing how Jacob gets along with the Winchester bros. Where those two are generally intense personalities with stubbornness for the ages, Jacob is a much more laid back kid (though he tends to be a bit cheeky when he’s smol! 😉 ). He brings all the chill when he’s dealing with the Winchesters, and sometimes that’s a very good thing. They need chill.

Here’s some of Jacob, and the face claims that @neonthewrite picked out while developing him:


Jacob and his pie, by @mogadeer


Tom Welling, the chosen faceclaim for Jacob Andris


And, in the Brothers Adopted storyline, this is how Jacob looked right when he was cursed like Sammy. Dylan Sprayberry.