We don’t have an exact time line for when we will have smol Jacob’s premier just yet, but we’ve been considering moving up when we post the first of the AU’s we have under construction. We’re still working on editing, having them beta’d and actually writing them currently, but expect to see a poll soon for everyone’s input on how it’s done! And we’ll also have a poll to decide which AU is posted, though Brothers Found will not be included in the poll until after A Lich of Sense is concluded because of possible spoilers included in that series.

For anyone interested in finding more about Jacob in his canon storyline with Bowman Leafwing, check out Fairy Tales: Bowman of Wellwood.

It’s been great fun seeing how Jacob gets along with the Winchester bros. Where those two are generally intense personalities with stubbornness for the ages, Jacob is a much more laid back kid (though he tends to be a bit cheeky when he’s smol! 😉 ). He brings all the chill when he’s dealing with the Winchesters, and sometimes that’s a very good thing. They need chill.

Here’s some of Jacob, and the face claims that @neonthewrite picked out while developing him:


Jacob and his pie, by @mogadeer


Tom Welling, the chosen faceclaim for Jacob Andris


And, in the Brothers Adopted storyline, this is how Jacob looked right when he was cursed like Sammy. Dylan Sprayberry.

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