That is currently up in the air!

We are working on the stories that may come after BT. Originally, the plan was to wait until Lich finished posting, because of the way Brothers Found has spoilers for that story in it during the course of the series. That is the first AU that we wrote out, and we were experimenting with how our characters interacted and having a ball throwing them all together.

Brothers Adopted and Brothers Lost don’t have any spoilers in them, but we’re still in the progress of editing these. Brothers Together, at least for Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines, was more of a seat of your pants story that had minimal post editing. The other stories got a lot more development in them. Most likely, they’ll be completed or near completion, at least for the first stories in each of those by the end of BT. (Brothers Asunder has not been developed at this time past the initial idea, it will not be joining the stories as of yet)

So we’ll leave it up to our followers. Later on, we’ll run a poll asking if you guys want us to start posting after BT concludes, or wait the way we’d originally intended.

And then, to decide which AU goes first… you’ll vote on the stories and the winner goes up!

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