No worries about spoilers over here! In fact, out of all three of the curse victims we have in our AUs (Dean, Sam and Jacob), Jacob is the slowest.

Compared to the brothers, he has the least experience. He also tends to be more deliberate in his actions, and is the least likely to jump into things without thinking (or looking). He won’t be breaking any of Sam’s records for a long, long time.

Here’s an excerpt with our smol Jacob trying to keep up with his adopted brother Sammy!

When Sam darted towards the table, Jacob was quick to follow. As he ran he took his grappling rope from where he’d propped it on his shoulder and got a solid grip around the hook so it didn’t bounce against him as he ran. He felt his pulse pounding in his hands. The open air yawned above them, but Jacob managed not to gape around at everything as he ran.

Focus. Focus was key.

He stumbled to a stop at the base of the table. Staring straight up, Jacob uncoiled the twine in his hands. He knew without looking that Sam was doing the same with his own grappling line, a fishhook and some clear, sturdy fishing line. Jacob reared back, ready to throw his hook straight into the air, following the example Sam and Walt had set time and time again. At least this was something Jacob had figured out how to do fairly quickly; ever since shrinking, he’d found he was a lot stronger than he’d expect, and throwing something like a small hook up to the table was easy for him.

Of course, getting the hook that high was only half the battle. While Sam’s grappling hook caught on the edge of the table, Jacob’s bounced off it and fell back down. “Fuckdammit,” he swore, gathering up the twine to try again.

Sam was already well ahead of him. Thankfully, the hook caught on the second throw, and Jacob could begin his cautious climb upwards. He was more careful, less sure of himself, so he took more time to squirrel his way up to the table. Jacob always kept his focus on the rope in front of him, praying his grip never wavered.

Sam reached the top of the table in no time, hauling himself over the edge. He did a brief check of how secure the grip of his and Jacob’s hooks were, making sure that Jacob’s wouldn’t slip on him. They’d leave the hooks at the ready for the trip down, or for any emergencies. It was a bad idea to remove their only escape path. Climbing down the legs of the table with nothing more than hands and feet was a dangerous and slow venture, not one to risk if it could be avoided.

He waited by the edge while Jacob made his way to the top, surveying the room from above. Getting such a point of view was rare, and was something that needed to be taken advantage of when possible.

When Jacob reached the top, Sam offered him a hand to help him over the edge. He eyed the immense door at the other end of the room while he did so, narrowing his eyes at the serene sunlight that filtered its way into the room.

Portability is definitely not why I write on this scale.

First things first, the main reason you see Sam standing at 4 inches tall is because the majority of my stories are either Brothers Apart, or AUs based on Brothers Apart. The scale is not going to change between them.

Second, I do have other stories that work with different scales. Reversal of Fate and An Ounce Of Courage both use the scale where Sam/Dean stand at 3 inches tall. This scale was discarded for BA because if he’s in it for the long haul, he’s going to need to do things for himself. He is not dependent on Dean in any way as some people seem to assume. Sam survived most of his life without his family around and could easily survive without them. He stays with Dean for reasons all his own.

–Sidenote here: In the horror story, Jacob is reduced down to barely an inch and a half tall and we’ll see exactly why that’s not a good thing. It’s a horror story for a reason.

I also won’t work with the Swift scale (Found in Gulliver’s Travels and The Borrowers). Since I write for enjoyment and I don’t enjoy writing my characters at 6 inches tall, you won’t find that here.

Lastly, the scales I and @neonthewrite use are not 4 inches = 6 feet.

Sam stands 4 inches tall, but his actual height is 6′4″. This gives us a ratio of about 1/19. If we put him and Bowman next to each other, they’re both 4 inches tall. Same scale, right?

Wrong! Bowman is actually the equivalent of 6′2″ in height. So he’s tall, but not quite at Sam’s height. He’s going to be disgruntled if they ever stand at the same scale and he comes to discover this human he can look straight in the eye is actually taller than him. Bowman’s ratio is about 1/18.5.

Aww, that would be so cute ^-^. They could have swimming lessons for Sam and Oscar since the tub is the size of a pond. Dean would have to watch those two closely, they are very smol kiddos.

Oscar would probably only be convinced to try if they gave him something to float on like that rubber duck. Poor little guy would fit down the drain, and since he’s generally so nervous, they’d need to sweeten the deal. And then he might just stay on his ducky the whole time. XD

March 24th excerpt: 

“IPod?” Sam repeated in confusion, latching onto the alien word. “Is it like a cassette player? Or some kind of stereo? Can you carry it with you?” He paused for a second, confusion shining in his eyes.

“Ah,” Jacob said simply, trying to catch up with Sam’s frame of reference. Hearing him ask about a cassette player while standing there at all of four inches tall was a little jarring, but it gave Jacob a slightly better idea. “Yeah, it’s a portable music player,” he explained. “I have something kinda like it.”


“If I don’t knock on the door twice, no matter what, even if I’m alone, DO NOT come out from hiding. Not until I give you the signal. You need to stay safe, and if something happens to me, I could be just as dangerous to you as any monster.” In the memory, Dean lifts up a hand, holding it next to Sam for comparison. It stretches out almost twice Sam’s length. Each of the fingers is thick and strong, all more powerful than the smaller hunter. “I don’t ever want to hurt you with these, and if I get possessed by a demon, the first thing they’ll do is go for you.” The hand wraps around Sam unexpectedly, pinning his arms to his sides with unrelenting strength. There is no time for Sam to react to the hunter’s quick movements.

Sam has only been with his older brother for a day at this point, and he stares up at Dean from the clenched fist with fear in his eyes. The only thing that keeps him from freaking out from the way he’s trapped is the pain in Dean’s eyes… the worry, the self-loathing for what he’s doing. Dean clearly wants nothing more than to keep Sam safe, even as he closes his huge hand firmly around his little brother’s fragile body.

So even though Sam desperately wants to thrash and struggle, to try and escape, he stills himself in Dean’s overpowering grasp. As Sam is helplessly lifted up off the table, he gives his trust to Dean, hoping it isn’t misplaced. He can clearly remember how it had felt when Dean had no idea who he was, capturing him with ease in the same immense hand clenched around his body now.

The hand stops a few inches in front of Dean’s face, fingers opening up around Sam. He scrambles to a stand in the palm, small chest heaving from the unexpected scare. He can’t help but eye his brother’s fingers suspiciously from where he stands, still within their clutches. It is an unwanted reminder of how powerless he is next to his brother. 

Dean’s eyes stared at him with a kind expression. “Sam, the last thing I want is for you to EVER be afraid of me. But it’s more important that you understand that anything can happen, and if anything ever happens to you because of me, I’ll never forgive myself.” 

Sam frowns, but nods his understanding.

Dean’s other hand lifts up, gently rubbing Sam’s back to try and reassure him after the scare. Sam can’t stop a shiver, standing there helpless between those huge hands that can so easily trap or crush him. Which, after Dean’s demonstration he understands better than ever. Dean’s face falls when he sees this. He nods sadly at Sam as he lowers his hand back to his side, understanding and accepting his reaction.

But it still hurts him to see his brother afraid.

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Brothers Asunder Sneak Peek

You’ll never see your brother again… this time I’ll make sure of it.

An owl hooted in the cool night air.

Tears ran grimy streaks down Sam’s cheeks. He huddled against the trunk of a tree, trying to hide as far back in the shadows as he could. The silence was only broken by the occasional sob.

Every shadow that crossed his line of sight sent a jagged spike of icy fear up his back. Leaves wafted in an invisible breeze, an idyllic, innocent scene rendered foreboding by his current circumstances.

He didn’t know exactly how big he was, but he definitely wasn’t the size he’d been before the attack.

A leaf fluttered down from the canopy above. It landed next to Sam, rustling gently in the air. The leaf alone was broad enough to block him from sight.

Young shoots of grass poking up out of the dirt were taller than he was.

With shaking, hesitant hands, Sam gripped the edge of the leaf tight and pulled it close. A cry hiccuped in his chest.

The green leaf formed a canopy of his own over his head. Sam scrunched back against the thick bark, using his leaf as a makeshift tent to hide from the sight of any nearby predators. A strident breeze tried to pull it from his grasp, but he persevered. White knuckles clenched tight.

Those animals lurking out in the forest were huge. He couldn’t even risk getting up to see where he was.

The owl hooted its call across the branches once more and Sam shut his eyes.

Dean, where are you?

Brothers Asunder is the story where Sam is adopted by the sprites, separated from Dean by more than just his size. Now, Dean has no idea where Sam is, how big he is, and no idea he survived the witch’s attack. Only the future will tell if Celeste’s plan to separate them at last will work!


BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 2 of 6 )

Walt’s back was to the steel mesh of the cage. The wall lay beyond, towering over his head. If he was to stare straight up at where it intersected the ceiling, he would get vertigo.

Humans were that big.

He was alone at the moment. The humans that had captured him were out celebrating. They anticipated he would pull in a large sum of cash in the black markets. There was no way out for him, after all. No escape.

No hope.

Only the knowledge that his small wife would mourn him.

No one else.

She was so fragile. Barely a wisp of a girl that had taken in his sorry ass. They were even hoping to have their first child soon. Continue on with the next generation of the Watch family.

Now it seemed his family line would end with him. The last surviving son of a dead line. The youngest brother was now the last.

He prayed that Mallory would move on without him. Find someone new to share her love with. She deserved all that and more. If he wasn’t around to give it to her, there would be someone else out there that would. There had to be.

That thought was all he had to hold on to.

He stared straight ahead, unmoving. For minutes at a time he didn’t even blink. Time passed at a crawl, but it did pass. The light outside started to shift to evening and he knew his time would soon come.

It wasn’t long after the warm hue of sunset began to spill into the room that he was made aware of a new sound infringing on his silence.


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