BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 2 of 6 )

Walt’s back was to the steel mesh of the cage. The wall lay beyond, towering over his head. If he was to stare straight up at where it intersected the ceiling, he would get vertigo.

Humans were that big.

He was alone at the moment. The humans that had captured him were out celebrating. They anticipated he would pull in a large sum of cash in the black markets. There was no way out for him, after all. No escape.

No hope.

Only the knowledge that his small wife would mourn him.

No one else.

She was so fragile. Barely a wisp of a girl that had taken in his sorry ass. They were even hoping to have their first child soon. Continue on with the next generation of the Watch family.

Now it seemed his family line would end with him. The last surviving son of a dead line. The youngest brother was now the last.

He prayed that Mallory would move on without him. Find someone new to share her love with. She deserved all that and more. If he wasn’t around to give it to her, there would be someone else out there that would. There had to be.

That thought was all he had to hold on to.

He stared straight ahead, unmoving. For minutes at a time he didn’t even blink. Time passed at a crawl, but it did pass. The light outside started to shift to evening and he knew his time would soon come.

It wasn’t long after the warm hue of sunset began to spill into the room that he was made aware of a new sound infringing on his silence.


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