BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 6 of 6 )

Darkness was falling by the time he returned to the small home he shared with his beautiful wife.

There were tears in her eyes as she opened up the door, pushing aside the block of wood that kept out the bugs and spiders that shared the world with them.

“Walt, oh, you’re home!” She flew into his arms. It didn’t matter that she barely reached his chest. Her hug had enough force to knock the breath from his lungs.

Walt hugged her back, desperately relieved to see her again. He pulled out of the hug only to share a passionate kiss.

“I want to have a baby with you,” he murmured as they came up for air. His days in the cage left him wanting to leave something behind, someone to remember him and someone to keep Mallory company if he was ever lost. He blinked back tears of his own, sharing his greatest desire with her. “I want to be a father.”

Theirs was a hard life, but it was theirs.

Mallory stared up at him, her lips parted in surprise. “Oh, my love,” she said breathlessly, pulling him into another hug.

He found himself pulled over so she could whisper in his ear. She brought his hand to her stomach to let him feel the bump that was forming. “You’ll be a father soon. I’m pregnant.”

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Bobby and his past with the borrowers has always been a popular topic. Now you’ve seen the borrowers in the field and the borrower he saved… none other than Walt Watch, the man who went on to save Sam Winchester in turn thirteen years later.



BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 3 of 6 )

Heavy thuds were approaching the room. The table his cage was on started to quiver with the power, a power that humans took for granted. The instinct to run rose up in Walt, but there was nowhere to go.

No place to hide.

He stiffened in place as a dark shadow fell over the door. He didn’t twitch so much as a muscle as the shadow began to bend down to open the door. Normally, that instinct would help hide him in plain sight if he had no other choice. Here, it would do him no good.

Instead of the rattling of a key, a steady series of clicks could be heard coming from the doorknob. Brow furrowing, Walt pulled himself to his feet. Never, in all his 19 years of life had he heard the like.

He wrapped a hand around one of the steel mesh bars behind him. He needed support to stay on his feet after days of not moving aside from using the bathroom (a small pile of woodchips he’d fashioned himself out of the scattered bits on the floor), or eating the scant food given to him.

Something clicked in the door.

It swung open, the towering mass of wood handled by the human like it was child’s play. Walt or his people would never hope to be able to budge such a massive construct like that.

The man that came into the room was big.

Tall, dark haired, yet with piercing blue eyes just like Walt, the human stared around the room. He let the door swing closed behind him. He steadily searched through the room from where he was standing, not moving a muscle as he took it all in.

His eyes found the cage. They locked onto Walt.

“Ah, hell,” Bobby Singer cursed.

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BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: 1980

( Part 2 of 6 )

Walt’s back was to the steel mesh of the cage. The wall lay beyond, towering over his head. If he was to stare straight up at where it intersected the ceiling, he would get vertigo.

Humans were that big.

He was alone at the moment. The humans that had captured him were out celebrating. They anticipated he would pull in a large sum of cash in the black markets. There was no way out for him, after all. No escape.

No hope.

Only the knowledge that his small wife would mourn him.

No one else.

She was so fragile. Barely a wisp of a girl that had taken in his sorry ass. They were even hoping to have their first child soon. Continue on with the next generation of the Watch family.

Now it seemed his family line would end with him. The last surviving son of a dead line. The youngest brother was now the last.

He prayed that Mallory would move on without him. Find someone new to share her love with. She deserved all that and more. If he wasn’t around to give it to her, there would be someone else out there that would. There had to be.

That thought was all he had to hold on to.

He stared straight ahead, unmoving. For minutes at a time he didn’t even blink. Time passed at a crawl, but it did pass. The light outside started to shift to evening and he knew his time would soon come.

It wasn’t long after the warm hue of sunset began to spill into the room that he was made aware of a new sound infringing on his silence.


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Lucky for Dean, he’s quite a bit older for Sam. He’d been living on his own for a few years when Sam caught him, and wouldn’t see Walt or Mallory right after his capture. They’d find out when he wanted to approach them with it… which with Dean, could be at any time. He’d wait long enough to be sure Sam wasn’t a threat to anyone, then go talk to them.

Sam and Walt tend to explode at each other, Dean and Walt have a mutual respect for each other. So the dynamics of the family is a lot different in either universe

Oh, Dean knows the first thing that’ll happen is Walt will lecture them until their ears fall off. Another part that would hold Dean back is Sean is very nervous and shy around him. A big human lecturing the teeny kid might make him scared, and that’s the last thing that Dean would ever want to do. Plus, Dean’s become good at not moving at night out of habit for when Sam’s hanging out in a pocket, so they weren’t in any danger.


BA Canon: Yes

Timeline: During the two month stay at the motel while Sam’s arm heals

( Part 2 of 2 )

A scattering of freckles surrounded Kara’s landing spot, each as thick as or thicker than her fingers. The skin wasn’t smooth this close, but it still had a soft feeling as long as she didn’t brush against the stubble under his nose.

Kara froze, afraid she’d woken up her friend. For a second, the eyebrows scrunched together, and Dean brushed his hair flat with his hand. Then the skin between his eyes evened out and the hand went back to his chest.

He was still asleep.

She let out a quiet giggle. “That was fun! ” Normally, she’d want to do it again, but first she needed to worry about getting off Dean’s nose without waking him.

This idea was encouraged when the hunter shifted under her. A deep breath was taken. She could feel the breeze pass her by even as it was pulled into immense lungs. A sigh rattled out of him, fading into silence.

She went to push up, but just ended up slipping back down from the awkward angle she was lying at. A fluttering next to her caught her attention, and she gave a small gasp at the sight of his long eyelashes as they moved. They were twice as long as her hand. She brushed her fingers over them, giggling at how the fluttering sensation tickled.


Sean’s voice came from nearby, and she peered off from her perch. Sean was trying to keep his balance on the pillow next to Dean, but the weight of the human turned it into a steep slide before he could get close enough to climb up. “Kara, we should go!” he called to her, nerves starting to come out.

“I think that’s a good idea.”

The unexpected voice made Sean jump and Kara almost tumble from her perch. Walt was standing on the nightstand next to Dean’s watch, his arms crossed and a stern glare on his face.

“Aww!” Kara said. “But we didn’t even wake him up!” she pointed out.

Walt pursed his lips, trying to hide a smile. “You sure about that?” he asked.

“Huh?” Kara glanced back down at the hunter, and squeaked with surprise when she saw one of the big green eyes staring straight up at her.

The eye dilated as it tried to focus on the tiny girl, the skin next to the eye scrunching in a smile. She toppled off Dean’s nose in surprise only to be swept up in a hand before she hit the ground (in other words, Dean).

Dean let out a laugh of his own as he went to sit up, collecting Sean in his other hand. “How’d you figure it out?” he asked Walt as he held both hands near the smaller man to let Walt climb in with the kids. With both children already in Dean’s hands, there was no way the older man would turn down the help out of pride. He always remained near his charges.

“For one, there’s no way a hunter sleeps through Kara landing on his nose.” Walt mussed up her hair. “For another, you’re very bad at hiding smiles.”

Dean had to nod in response to that. People like Walt and Sam could read him like a book, he was coming to find. Small tells that were hidden to another human were as plain as day to someone the size of his finger.

Sean blinked up at the giant. “So you knew the whole time?” he asked, disappointed.

“Nope, just when this one decided to canonball my face,” Dean said with a gentle smile, nudging Kara lightly with a finger before he lowered them all down to the ground. “I think you two might want to stick to visits during the day. Safer all around for everyone.”

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Dean needs to have more faith in himself. He always assumes he’d do the worst, when really he just tries to be thorough. And thorough will eventually lead to either do research, or call Bobby. It might take a smack upside the head once in awhile, but Bobby will steer him true.

So glad you enjoyed! 😀 It was a fun little adventure.

Walt Versus Dean

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: 2005 (The same week Dean and Sam reunited in canon BA)

(Part 5 of 5 )

Morning dawned the next day. Walt woke up from his uncomfortable position on the hardwood table. His back cracked and his neck was stiff after hours and hours on that hard surface. He groaned. The small bite of hamburger the human had offered him and the bottlecap of water were left to the side of the vase. He’d only eaten enough that he wouldn’t starve, refusing to indulge in the human’s ‘hospitality.’

The human was standing near the window of the room, arguing on his phone. “What the hell do you mean? Why didn’t you or dad tell me any of this before?!”

Walt flinched at the shouting, then pushed himself to the far side of the vase to get as far away from the man as he could. He could only hear one end of the conversation, and could only assume it was about him.

The human frowned. “You never even told dad?” Green eyes flashed over to Walt, making him stiffen up again. “Alright. I’ll do that. Thanks Bobby.”

The phone snapped closed and thudding footsteps brought the human back over to the table. “So,” came the deep voice once more. Walt glared up at him, certain that his fate of either being taken from the motel or killed was about to be announced.

He didn’t see it coming when the vase was lifted away. He stared up at the human in surprise, who sighed, an expression of guilt passing over his face. The human sat down at the table again, dropping the vase down on the floor.

“I just got off the phone with another hunter. He said he’s met a few people like you before.” The human leaned over a bit, making Walt shuffle back. All that happened was his bag and rope was gathered up and offered back to him. “He says you’re harmless. Same as humans, but smaller. So… I guess I owe you an apology for the whole ‘grabbing you’ thing…”

Walt couldn’t bring himself to talk at first, staring at the bag and rope piled in his arms. Those eyes staring at him were so sincere. He wet his lips, trying to compose himself. “So, you won’t kill me?” he asked guardedly.

The human shook his head. “Just… do yourself a favor and don’t go getting yourself caught in any other hunters’ rooms. There ain’t many that stop to ask questions.” A hand reached towards Walt.

Walt jerked back, stumbling over his feet to get away from the massive, crushing hand.

The human’s eyebrows went up. “I’m not gonna hurtcha, I promise!” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I just figured I’d offer you a ride after what I put you through.”

“N-no,” Walt managed to get out. “I can get myself down. Just… no more grabbing, okay?”

The human nodded sadly. “Okay.”

Walt scaled down the table at the far edge from the human, worried about the man changing his mind. He kept a wary eye on those massive boots as well, remembering how close he’d come to getting stepped on. His back protested at the motion, but he refused to bend and ask for help from the human.

When he was on the ground and flicked his hook free, the human leaned over, peeking under the table. “I never found out your name…” he started haltingly. “Mine’s Dean.”

Walt stared back. The name Dean rung a bell… but for now he just wanted to get out of the room before worrying about this Dean grabbing him again. “I’m Walt,” he said gruffly as he walked to the back of the dresser. Just as he was about to slip back behind there and into the darkness he preferred, he glanced up at Dean, one last time. “Thanks for not being like those other hunters,” Walt said begrudgingly. “Not many would let someone like me go.”

Dean simply watched as he vanished behind the dresser, never to be seen again.


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Aside from Celeste back at the beginning, Dean is the only human that’s ever seen Sean. Walt has been keeping a close eye on him ever since they met and acting as a surrogate father for the newly-cursed boy, and if anyone knows what they’re doing, with both scavenging for supplies and raising former humans, it’s Walt.

Even Dean didn’t see him for the first few weeks he was at the motel. They made damn sure that Dean knew what he was doing around people their size before risking anyone new out in the open where they’re so vulnerable.

Walt Versus Dean

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: 2005 (The same week Dean and Sam reunited in canon BA)

(Part 4 of 5 )

Dean frowned at the small man he’d captured. It had been over ten minutes since the blonde haired man had said a word, or even acknowledged that Dean was there. Tapping at the glass had only brought on a brief flicker of fear before annoyance pushed that away, and then the man had turned his back.

With an internal shrug, Dean turned his attention to the bag that was held in his hand. It was small, and well worn. Clearly something that was made to be used, and used often. Wondering what the hell was in it, he fiddled with the small straps holding it closed.

The motion attracted the attention of the small man once more. He stiffened at the sight of the bag held between thick fingers.

Dean dangled it closer to the vase. “Want to just tell me what you’re doing here? That way I don’t need to take this apart?”

A small glare was leveled at him and the man turned away again. But this time, Dean noted that he was still turned enough towards Dean to be able to track the hunter’s movements from the corner of his eye.

Dean scoffed. “Suit yourself.” He stood, going over to his duffel to dig out a needle. It was shoved in with his med-kit items, used for either stitching his clothes up or stitching himself up depending on the day.

He sat back down and scooped the bag back up. This time, he carefully played with the clasp, trying to undo it without just shredding the bag apart. He had no idea who this man was, after all, or if he was any type of threat. If he had no reason to destroy the small workmanship, he had no intention of breaking it.

It was only a few minutes before he got in. Flipping it open, he frowned as a trail of thread slipped out, attached to a… is this a paperclip? he thought wonderingly. He lifted it out, staring at the strangely twisted paperclip. It was almost…

“Did you turn this into a hook?” Dean asked in surprise.

The man turned back to him, eyes briefly wide at the question. But it didn’t seem harmful… “Yes…” he begrudgingly let out.

Dean put it down on the tabletop, with the string still attached. “Holy crap,” he said quietly. That was inventive, but he couldn’t imagine using it to climb with. What if it slipped off? A paperclip couldn’t be the most stable climbing tool… he hid a shudder at the thought of dangling in midair at the mercy of a cobbled-together tool like that.

“Y’know,” he said conversationally. “Something like a fishhook might be a bit better for climbing with. Something that you don’t have to worry about bending when you’re using it.”

That got the man to turn all the way around, suspicion in his small eyes. “Why’s it matter to you? ” he bit out at Dean.

Dean stared back at him. “I’m not trying to hurt you,” he pointed out as he shifted the bag and its contents back over to the vase. “I need to know what you are and if you’re dangerous. Then I can either let you go, or…”

The man glared at him. “Or you’ll kill me. I know how hunters work.” He turned away once more and crossed his arms. “I know how far you’ll go.”

Try as he might, that was the last Dean was able to get out of him for the night. Walt was trapped in memories of the hunter that had tried to kill him in the past, combined with those humans taking away his daughter. There was no way he’d get out of this one, not twice. All of his luck was used up on the first rescue.

He was only glad that Sam hadn’t been the one captured.


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