Walt Versus Dean

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: 2005 (The same week Dean and Sam reunited in canon BA)

(Part 5 of 5 )

Morning dawned the next day. Walt woke up from his uncomfortable position on the hardwood table. His back cracked and his neck was stiff after hours and hours on that hard surface. He groaned. The small bite of hamburger the human had offered him and the bottlecap of water were left to the side of the vase. He’d only eaten enough that he wouldn’t starve, refusing to indulge in the human’s ‘hospitality.’

The human was standing near the window of the room, arguing on his phone. “What the hell do you mean? Why didn’t you or dad tell me any of this before?!”

Walt flinched at the shouting, then pushed himself to the far side of the vase to get as far away from the man as he could. He could only hear one end of the conversation, and could only assume it was about him.

The human frowned. “You never even told dad?” Green eyes flashed over to Walt, making him stiffen up again. “Alright. I’ll do that. Thanks Bobby.”

The phone snapped closed and thudding footsteps brought the human back over to the table. “So,” came the deep voice once more. Walt glared up at him, certain that his fate of either being taken from the motel or killed was about to be announced.

He didn’t see it coming when the vase was lifted away. He stared up at the human in surprise, who sighed, an expression of guilt passing over his face. The human sat down at the table again, dropping the vase down on the floor.

“I just got off the phone with another hunter. He said he’s met a few people like you before.” The human leaned over a bit, making Walt shuffle back. All that happened was his bag and rope was gathered up and offered back to him. “He says you’re harmless. Same as humans, but smaller. So… I guess I owe you an apology for the whole ‘grabbing you’ thing…”

Walt couldn’t bring himself to talk at first, staring at the bag and rope piled in his arms. Those eyes staring at him were so sincere. He wet his lips, trying to compose himself. “So, you won’t kill me?” he asked guardedly.

The human shook his head. “Just… do yourself a favor and don’t go getting yourself caught in any other hunters’ rooms. There ain’t many that stop to ask questions.” A hand reached towards Walt.

Walt jerked back, stumbling over his feet to get away from the massive, crushing hand.

The human’s eyebrows went up. “I’m not gonna hurtcha, I promise!” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I just figured I’d offer you a ride after what I put you through.”

“N-no,” Walt managed to get out. “I can get myself down. Just… no more grabbing, okay?”

The human nodded sadly. “Okay.”

Walt scaled down the table at the far edge from the human, worried about the man changing his mind. He kept a wary eye on those massive boots as well, remembering how close he’d come to getting stepped on. His back protested at the motion, but he refused to bend and ask for help from the human.

When he was on the ground and flicked his hook free, the human leaned over, peeking under the table. “I never found out your name…” he started haltingly. “Mine’s Dean.”

Walt stared back. The name Dean rung a bell… but for now he just wanted to get out of the room before worrying about this Dean grabbing him again. “I’m Walt,” he said gruffly as he walked to the back of the dresser. Just as he was about to slip back behind there and into the darkness he preferred, he glanced up at Dean, one last time. “Thanks for not being like those other hunters,” Walt said begrudgingly. “Not many would let someone like me go.”

Dean simply watched as he vanished behind the dresser, never to be seen again.


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