The Lounge || As Light as an Oscar (4 of 4)

Teenager Dean dove out of the way when the leafy glider buzzed past him, and the other Dean followed suit as Sam caught the air again, flying so close to him they brushed against the spike of hair on his head. By the time they leveled out, a few feet lower in the air than when they’d started, both Deans were sitting up on the floor, looking dazed.

“Gotcha!” younger Sam called to his older brother from where he was strapped in.

Bowman had to pull to a stop to hover while he and Oscar both let out surprised laughs. Even Jacob had flinched back, though he had been spared from the Sam attack. There might be nothing more satisfying than the sight of actual giants flinching away from a divebomb.

If Oscar wasn’t already so nervous, Bowman would probably make an attempt at a second round for them. They had their eyes on the glider and would never see it coming.

As it was, he dove at a much friendlier pace. Even then, Oscar tensed up.

Bowman banked in a wide circle around the fallen Deans and smirked. “Look at that, Oscar,” he pointed out. “That’s why Sam’s a knight back home. He can take down even the biggest giants!”

Oscar was breathless from all the excitement, but there was still a sheepish grin on his face. He eyed up his own Dean to make sure he hadn’t gotten hurt when he fell over, and then chanced a short wave at him. “Sam’s s-so fast! I thought he was gonna fall!”

Bowman smirked at Dean, flitting away before the human could get any ideas, and caught up with the glider. “Sam uses dives like that all the time in the forest, too. Keeps the glider moving fast, since he can’t flap his wings like me.”

“And I gotta be fast to keep up with the fastest wings in Wellwood!” Sam called over to the others. He circled the table, giving both Deans a wide berth as he sought a landing spot.

“Do we have to land?” Sam asked from behind him, sounding disappointed.

Sam grinned. “Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to fly around again,” he reassured him. “I think Dean’s heart needs a few minutes to calm down after that last attack, though.”

The teenager Dean gave them a flat look as he picked himself off the ground, but he couldn’t hide a smile at how excited Sam was for the flight. “What’d ya think?” he asked as Sam dipped the glider’s wings right as they passed him.

“This is great! ” Sam laughed, loosening his grip around Sam’s neck. “I want to go again!”

“Maybe later,” the older Dean grumbled from the floor. His younger counterpart offered him a hand.

While the Deans collected themselves, Bowman snickered and flitted alongside the glider. This might not be the forest, but he still had to help Sam find a safe landing in case the wind changed. “What’d you think, Oscar?” he asked as they slowly angled around to pull in for a landing.

Oscar was shivering, but more from sheer adrenaline than terror. “I-I didn’t fall,” he announced happily. “It’s kinda fun but maybe I’ll watch next time…”

Bowman ruffled the kid’s hair as they swooped in to land. “You did good helping me keep an eye on them,” he pointed out. Then, his boots hit the table and he stumbled forward with the extra weight before coming to a stop.

Jacob, still sitting at the table thanks to Sam not diving at him, leaned down to offer a smile. “Have fun?” Bowman certainly seemed proud.

Oscar fidgeted as the sprite untied him. “Yeah,” he admitted. As soon as his feet hit solid ground, though, he wobbled and stumbled away from Bowman. The dizziness from swooping and flitting to and fro with Bowman hit him all at once, and Oscar finally plopped down to sit right where he was.

Sam’s landing was smooth, and he quickly unbelted himself. His younger self waited with eager impatience, unable to keep still after all the excitement of flying.

When he was free at last, he ran over to Dean. “Didja see us?” he asked, bouncing on his heels. “We went allll the way around the room!”

“You bet I did,” Dean said, unable to resist Sam’s excitement. He reached around, lightly wrapping a finger around Oscar to keep him on his feet.

Spritely Sam watched them fondly, a bit of sadness in his eyes to see a version of his older brother acting so supportive of him.

“You’ll find him,” came a voice from behind.

Sam looked to see his other self, dressed in the drab colors that would blend into the room, standing there and smiling. “Dean’s out there, I know it,” the original Sam reassured him. “He always finds his way home.”

“You’re acting like I’m some lost puppy,” Dean griped to the side, also keeping an eye on the kids to make sure they were fine after their flight.

Spritely Sam had to smile. “Ain’t you?”

On the screen above the bar, the words The Study of the Four rippled into existence.

The Lounge || As Light as an Oscar (3 of 4)

“Make–what?!” Oscar’s voice pitched upwards into a yelp as Bowman leapt into the air in one spring, his wings powering downward to propel him away. It took some extra flaps from his wings to really get going with the small extra weight, but just like they’d said, Oscar was light. Barely a hindrance at all to a skilled set of wings like Bowman’s.

He climbed in height to meet the others as the glider dipped down, and soon was focused on the goal. Bowman darted past the teenaged Dean to meet the glider in midair and grab the bar across the top. Any boost he could give it could mean the difference between Sam staying airborne and being forced to glide back to the ground.

As the glider and sprite rose up into the air, the door of the Lounge opened, admitting Dean and his tiny brothers back into the room. They didn’t make it out of the threshold before spotting the strange sight, all three sets of eyes drawn up into the air.

Oscar clung as tightly as he could and shuddered. A part of him marveled that, on the other side of the leaves just below him, Sam was suspended in the air.

Having fun. He’d even wanted Oscar to join him on this daring stunt.

“M-maybe a little fun,” he admitted. Even so, his voice was louder and higher pitched than he’d meant, and it turned into a squeak even as Bowman let go of the glider and swooped to the side to fly alongside the others.

“What do you think?” Bowman asked, directing the question to both Oscar and the younger Sam.

The former hid his face behind his hands, but answered anyway. “Real high up! Feels weird!”

“It’s awesome! ” Sam yelled, trying to be heard over the wind. His arms were tight around spritely Sam’s neck, at this point the older man’s hand on his arm merely preventing him from tightening his grip too far and keeping him from breathing.

“The air in here is pretty good!” Sam called over to Bowman, using his one remaining hand to bank the glider around. “I thought it would be as flat as at night, but this is like being in the village on a good day!”

The one creating the small updrafts that kept the little glider in the air and helped the sprite show off his prowess watched, forgotten in his corner at the bar as he slowly wiped a glass clean. He watched the out-of-place pair with some amusement, finding them very entertaining.

Bowman agreed, and didn’t dare question it. There was a lot about the place that he’d call strange (the closed in walls and corners near the top of that list). He welcomed a bit of familiar as well.

“Oscar, let’s see if we can find an updraft for them,” Bowman encouraged, curling an arm around the young boy tied to him. He got the kid’s attention and saw a question in those wide eyes. A question, and a little fear, but no outright refusal. “I feel out the air to find Sam the best path so his glider doesn’t lose too much air,” he explained. “Come on!”

With that, he pulled ahead of the glider in a familiar motion, one that he and Sam had practiced time and time again. Bowman couldn’t meander as much as he usually did without risking Oscar, but his wings felt out the air nonetheless.

He grinned when he felt it up ahead, and was pleased to notice that they’d caught some attention since their flight began. While everyone watched, Bowman banked slightly to the side, and then soared upwards in an updraft, guiding the other two behind him right into it. He kept his arm curled around his passenger for extra safety, especially when Oscar was brave enough to try to see behind them to watch the others.

Both Sams were grinning madly, matching expressions on their faces as the glider soared around the room, banking gently to overlook the tables. On one, Sam could swear that there was a smaller version of Dean standing and watching them. At another, a different Dean was curiously rifling through a deck of cards to see if they were marked in any way while a third Dean continued to watch from the doorway, not to mention the fourth and fifth close by to their starting point.

“Let’s have some fun!” Sam called over his shoulder to the kid.

The arms around him tightened, and he heard Sam’s voice in his ear. “Whatcha gonna do?” the kid asked, but there was no nerves in his voice, just excitement.

“Watch,” Sam said, letting the glider take itself back to where they’d started. Bowman followed without being prompted, but held back to see what Sam had planned.

He knew it was something.

Both Deans, young and old, were watching the flight of the Wellwood pair and the children. Though there was slight concern in the older Dean’s face, he didn’t seem overly worried they’d get in any trouble.

“Now!” Sam said when they were overhead, dipping the glider forward.

The Lounge || As Light as an Oscar (2 of 4)

Bowman heaved a sigh. A child wasn’t as light to him as to Sam, though even Oscar was much thinner than he expected. At least, judging by the way Oscar clung the best he could, they didn’t need to worry about him falling off.

Oscar had his eyes shut tight and they hadn’t even gone anywhere yet. A hand settled on top of his head and he looked up in surprise to find Bowman smirking confidently at him. “It’ll be alright, Oscar,” Bowman told him. “I’d never let Birdie fall, and I’ll never let you fall, either.”

There was a pause in which Oscar considered his options. He didn’t have many. He was already tied securely to the sprite. He glanced over as spritely Sam finally began the work of hooking himself into his own glider. They were going to do this. It was a lot more excitement than he’d met with in the Lounge so far, and he wasn’t sure how brave he’d be for it.

“I-I’ll try it for a little while,” he stammered, clinging even tighter. “May-maybe it’ll be fun.”

Bowman snickered. “That’s the idea,” he confirmed. Then, he fanned his wings impatiently. “Soon as Sam gets himself ready over here, we can get going.”

Sam rolled his eyes, the last strap clicking into place. “I’ve got an idea,” he said. He shifted his shoulders. “Hang on, alright?” he told the kid positioned right above him, safely nestled between the canopy and where he hung, hands tight on the bar.

“ ‘Kay!” his younger self said with a big grin, wrapping thin arms around Sam’s neck. It was hard to believe he’d once been that small and light before.

Sam wrapped one hand around his younger counterparts arm to get a good grip on him, then called up “Dean! Mind giving us a hand?”

He was looking at the teenager sitting at the table, staring in awe at his little brother strapped into a tiny glider. “Uh, yeah!” Dean stammered, caught off guard by the sudden attention.

“Just lift us up over your head so I can get some air,” Sam coached, knowing his Dean would want in on this if he was around, so he might as well get Sam’s Dean as involved as he could be.

Two large hands approached from either side, slipping beneath the glider. Sam’s feet left the ground as Dean cupped his hands, and he prepared himself as they lifted into the air. Two green eyes peered under the wings to see where Sam was secured, and the young kid eagerly waved at his older brother.

“Check this out!” Sam called to Dean, stretching his legs and arms (or at least the one arm Sam wasn’t holding tight) straight out to show off. “No hands!”

The twin green orbs briefly rolled. “You’ll take care of him?” he asked Sam seriously.

Spritely Sam nodded, perfectly serious. “Won’t harm a hair on his head. Now hold on!” he coached the kid braced against his back.

The hands rose up into the air, and Sam kicked off Dean’s skin, jumping off the edge like he was up on the ledge of a cliff.

Down on the table, Bowman grinned and tensed. “Alright, Oscar, let’s go make sure they don’t crash,” he announced.

The Lounge || As Light as an Oscar (1 of 4)

Welcome to the AU lounge! A place of relaxation conceived and helped designed by all the readers and visitors to the world of Brothers Apart! Stay awhile, kick up your boots, and have some pie!

Current AUs in the Lounge:

Brothers Together (Teenager big Dean; tiny kiddo Sam; tiny kiddo Oscar)
Brothers Apart (The original Dean and Sam)
Brothers Lost (Big Jacob with the tiny bros)
Brothers Found
(Big Dean and Jacob, tiny Sam)
Brothers Adopted (Big Dean, tiny Sam and tiny Jacob) ****** Returning
Brothers Asunder
(Big Jacob, spritely Sam and Bowman)

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Sam busied himself checking the last of the belts, giving the last one a sharp yank to confirm it was tightly sealed.

The kid hanging from the makeshift harness laughed as he swayed in place, kicking out a leg to see how solid the belts hold on him was.

More than one person was watching Sam in concern as he went about rigging up his glider so it would soar with a second passenger. Both Dean and his younger, teenager self hovered close by, peering under the glider’s wings to see ten-year-old Sam.

“You sure this’ll work?” the teenager asked, nudging his little brother with a finger and sending him swaying all over again.

Sam grinned confidently, pushing his rapier to the side as he fixed his own belts. “Of course! Normally sprites carry the kids themselves with their belts if there’s an emergency. I always keep extra supplies on hand in case we find someone that needs a lift.” He batted at Sam’s leg and set him swinging a third time, only getting giggles from the excited kid, eagerly awaiting their flight. “The glider will handle his weight no problem.”

“Then we get to fly!” Sam declared from where he was harnessed.

Jacob watched with fascination as the littlest Sam was fastened in. It might never get old to see such tiny harnesses and belts put to actual use. The few times he’d held the glider, it had felt delicate enough to break in a harsh breeze.

But he’d seen it in action. A breeze was just what that glider used to soar like the sprites that took Sam in.

“You’ll fly alright,” he commented. He was as endeared as anyone by the sight of little Sam rigged up in the glider. It was oversized for him by far. “That thing gets some air.”

Oscar, who had held back until then, curiously approached the glider and eyed the belts holding Sam in place. He had to double check. “Might even get too high for a pin and string,” he realized, “so you better hold on tight, Sam!”

“You bet Oz!” Sam giggled, forgetting himself and using Dean’s nickname for the kid. He gave his older counterpart his biggest puppy eyes. “Think Oscar can try after I’m done? Please?”

“Hmm,” Sam pretended to think it over as he gave the glider a few last minute checks. To all eyes, it was in perfect condition. None of the wear from the last few flights out in Wellwood were showing, leaving him to wonder if this strange place they were on had anything to do with it.

“I think we can do you one better,” Sam decided. “We can take both of you up together. Oscar’s small enough for Bowman to carry, no problem.”

Oscar, who hadn’t planned on flying, straightened and stared up at the spritely Sam with wide eyes. “I-I, um,” he stammered, all while his cheeks turned pink. He looked over to where Bowman stood with an eyebrow raised for Sam. “Can you?”

Bowman broke out of his flat look at Sam and offered Oscar a smirk. Volunteered or not, he wouldn’t deny anyone a chance to try flight. “Sure I can,” he said, sizing the kid up. “I used to take Rischa flying all the time.”

“Oh,” Oscar muttered, vaguely remembering who Rischa was. Then he eyed the belts securing Sam in. “Do ya have, um, any extra belts? I don’t wanna fall…”

“Don’t even need one,” Sam breezed past Oscar’s concerns, reaching over and giving a sharp yank on Bowman’s yellow scarf. Bowman didn’t have a chance to grab it back before Sam had claimed it.

The fabric was bright yellow to contrast the greens of the Wellwood outfits, and made to withstand flight. It was exactly like what they used to use for Rischa when she came flying with Bowman, back before her wings grew in.

In a smooth motion once he had the belt in his hands, Sam hoisted Oscar up and held him out to Bowman in spite of his surprised squirms. Bowman rolled his eyes at Sam’s antics, but held out his arms to carefully accept. The moment the sprite was holding the kid, Sam looped the fabric around them both, tugging it until Oscar was firmly held to Bowman’s lean torso. Quick loops around the kid’s arms and then another around them both, and Sam tied off an expert knot he’d learned in Wellwood, sure to pull it tight.

“There we go!” he said cheerily. “Light as a feather.”

The Lounge || Sams of a Feather (4 of 4)

While Dean went to order, Sam knelt down next to Oscar, his drab clothes matching the small kid’s the best out of the group. “I grew up in a motel, too,” he said, looking between the spritely Sam and Bowman and Oscar. “When we visited Wellwood, it was a lot brighter than my old home.”

“You went to Wellwood?” spritely Sam repeated, respect in his face.

Sam grinned. “And Dean went and snatched Bowman right out of the air, so you better watch out if you ever run into him.”

As expected, Bowman bristled. His wings puffed up and he straightened. “He better not try,” he warned. “I’ll bop him if he does. Just figures I’d wait to meet him and he’d try to grab me!”

Oscar smiled faintly. “W-well, Dean’s not the worst human to grab ya,” he admitted. He shared a look with the Sam next to him; they’d both been grabbed at first, only for it to turn out to be one of the best things that could have happened to them. If they had simply run away, their stories never would have begun.

“Do you really, um, bop humans? That’s real brave!”

Jacob, feeling like more of a giant than ever with such a tiny kid at the table, rested his head on his arms. “He definitely will if he gets the chance,” he replied. “Hell, Sam might join him if the human earns it.”

Spritely Sam snickered. “You should know.”

After ordering food at the bar, Dean enlisted the kids help in carrying it all over to the table with the new trio at it. Dean had the drinks on his tray (since he didn’t quite trust his younger-self alone with the mugs of beer), while the other Dean had the food on his tray, and balancing carefully on it was Sam with the smaller tray of food and drink.

“Whoa, that’s awesome!” the teenager declared when he spotted the glider sitting on the table.

“C’mon, put the tray down!” Sam bugged him, almost hopping in place where he waited.

Both Deans did so, the teenager mussing up Sam’s hair for the barked commands.

“We’ve got a round of drinks on the house,” Dean said, passing off a mug for Jacob and putting his own to the side. The younger Sam bolted to the small table sitting at the center of the table, putting his tray down and separating the drinks and food.

“Pine tea,” Dean said as Sam put a mug down on an empty spot, “milk for growing bones, and juice.” He gave his younger self a smirk.

“Plus the bartender gave us these mintcakes!” Sam announced, his short arms just able to reach to place one in each spot. “Oscar, ya gotta try one!”

The mention of food caught Oscar’s attention, to no one’s surprise. His eyes lingered on the glider for a second more, but soon enough he turned to wander curiously towards the table and his own Sam. “Mint cakes?” he echoed, already eyeing one of the places next to a glass of milk.

“No way,” Bowman said, following. He reached the table just as Oscar did and stared dubiously at his setting. The steaming pine tea and mintcake looked like they could have been made in Wellwood itself. “How–”

“The man at the bar can make any food we want!” Oscar explained with a delighted grin.

Jacob sat up so he could spy on the miniature settings on the table. The tiny cakes were familiar indeed. They looked no different from the ones Sam had shared with him.

“Better try it out, Bowman. Make sure it’s up to par.”

Bowman shot him a glare, even as he picked up the mug of tea. “I don’t know what that means!” he groused, before taking a sip.

“Do ya like it?” Oscar asked, watching Bowman closely. He’d never seen someone with wings before, so both Bowman and the new Sam fascinated him.

Bowman sighed and shrugged. “It’s like my aunt made it,” he admitted begrudgingly.

“Dean, you should try!” the younger Sam enthused, holding up an extra mintcake for his brother.

Giving his older self the side-eye, the teenager sat down right by where Sam’s seat was. “Mintcakes?” he asked dubiously, reaching out and letting Sam put one down on his fingertip.

His worries washed away the moment he bit down on the candy-sized morsel. “This is almost as good as pie.”

“Told you,” Sam said smugly.

Dean finished off his bite, then begrudgingly drank the juice the original Dean had ordered him. It was good, just not as good as a ice cold mug of beer. He eyes that up, then looked for something else to distract him.

Bowman and the newest Sam were obvious choices.

“How fast are you, anyway?” Dean asked, poking at one of the sprite’s leafy wings.

The offended wing twitched back from the contact and fanned open. He barely resisted slapping his wing against the intruding hand; Dean was just a kid. This one was, anyway. More than one of most blasted humans should be more confusing.

Faster than anyone in Wellwood!“ he boasted proudly.

"Where’s that?” Oscar asked, already up on his chair and swinging his legs back and forth. He’d made some progress on his mintcake but now he watched Bowman’s twitching wings.

Jacob smirked. “He’s got a point, Bowman. Not in Wellwood now.”

“So, I’m plenty fast,” Bowman protested. “Right, Sam?”

“Faster than my glider,” Sam said indulgently. “And faster than the other sprites. He sneaks out to race the others at night.” He looked up at the teenager, smiling. It was like looking into a mirror of the older brother he’d lost so long ago. His Dean would be older, like the other one sitting with them, but it was nice to remember. “We’ll have to show you after we eat.”

“While you eat, how ‘bout you tell us what brought you to Bowman?” the other Sam offered. “We’ve got a collection of stories going so far, and I have a feeling you might have one of the more interesting ones.”

“Then maybe I can try the glider?” asked the younger Sam from where he was sitting, his legs kicking back and forth under the seat.

Spritely Sam smiled and nodded. “I think I can manage a ride or two,” he said, eyeing up his younger self and judging his size. “There’s a few extra belts in my supplies I could rig up.”

The Lounge || Sams of a Feather (3 of 4)

Bowman scoffed and his wings twitched. He turned away from Jacob in time to see another Sam approaching. Even with the Lounge working its strange effects on his mind to make everything seem okay, Bowman was stubborn. “This is really weird,” he commented, looking between the two Sams. “Do you know how to swordfight? What if a possum pokes around?”

The Sam that had just arrived arched an eyebrow, exchanging a look with his doppelgänger. “Most humans don’t swordfight,” Sam explained, putting his hand in his jacket. He withdrew his knife.

Spritely Sam looked it over approvingly, then pulled out his own. “The knights all use swords,” he told Sam. “Scar trained me himself when I was just a kid.” His cheeks turned red. “He caught me playing around with the weapons, trying them out.”

Dean chuckled. “No matter where you are, it’s hard to keep you out of trouble,” he said fondly.

“Look who’s talking,” his Sam countered.

Bowman smirked, but couldn’t tease his own Sam about it without inviting it back on himself. They both had a knack for finding trouble right at its source. They’d found their Jacob in the most touch-and-go first meeting they could have managed. “Well, he’s way stronger than anyone else in Wellwood, so I think Scar would have taken him on even without catching him messing with swords,” he pointed out. “Blasted strength can even keep me from flying off.”  To punctuate the complaint, he nudged at Sam with the edge of his wing.

While the banter moved back and forth up on the table, a small figure made his way towards them down on the ground. The Lounge’s smallest occupant, Oscar had a lot of ground to cover if he wanted to go meet the newcomers.

Luckily, the bartender always seemed to make sure no one was in danger. Oscar could walk right up to Dean’s boot without worry. “Um. Dean?” he called up, as loudly as he could. He even tugged lightly at a shoelace. “Can I come up and see?”

It wasn’t the voice, but the tugs that let Dean know Oscar was there. He glanced down, feeling a slight bit of vertigo when he saw Oscar standing all the way down by his boot. Even more than when Sam was on the ground, Oscar gave Dean the feeling that he was a building.

Shifting his boot away from Oscar, careful not to tug the kid off his feet, Dean knelt down and gently scooped him into a hand with a light finger. “Wait until you see these two,” he chuckled, ruffling Oscar’s hair. “I might even have to pry the other kids off the arcade machines.”

Lowering his hand right next to Sam, Dean let Oscar slide right off, barely waist-high next to his little brother. “I’m gonna go grab some drinks for everyone, any requests?” he said, pushing himself up and looking at Bowman. Everyone else, he had memorized. Spritely Sam was still Sam at his core.

Bowman was almost distracted by the young nestling-sized kid staring at him with wide eyes. He did a double take, and then decided he would challenge the skills of whoever was making the drinks. This was no Wellwood, after all. “Pine tea, if they have it,” he replied with a smirk. “If not, water would do.”

The next time he glanced down, Oscar had wandered closer to him and Sam. The vibrant greens of their clothes was a stark contrast to his own drab greys.

Oscar straightened when he saw Bowman looking at him just as curiously. “Um. I’m Oscar, and I live in a motel. When I’m not here, I mean. This place is better.”

Dean left with the attention on Oscar, leaving the others and the newest Jacob alone.

The Lounge || Sams of a Feather (2 of 4)

Dean gestured towards the bar, a wistful smile on his face as he realized just what was bothering the little guy. This was the first Winchester who didn’t have his brother with him. “Just a place to chill for a bit before you go find your own Dean. Plenty of booze to go around.”

Bowman stood near Sam, if only to keep close to the only familiar part about the room. He stared up at this ‘Dean’ that had called him by name, but just like his own Sam he’d noticed the figure on his shoulder.

That was a weird sight. He’d grown up knowing Sam to wear the greens of the forest, in the proud uniform of the knights. The other Sam didn’t even appear to have a sword on him.

He crossed his arms. Even as he addressed Dean, their Jacob hesitantly wandered over to join them. “What is ‘booze?’ ”

Jacob glanced at Dean with wide eyes before chiming in his answer. “It’s a human drink, Bowman. Means it has alcohol in it.”

“Dude, you just missed the mini-us,” another deep voice joined in. The oldest of any Jacob there wandered over to greet the newcomers. “There was a Jacob that got cursed, apparently. They left before you guys showed up, but you’ll probably get to meet them next time.”

Bowman leaned away from the even-more-giant giant and then glanced to his Sam. “One of him is sprite-sized? ”

Jacob waved a hand at the two very green little guys on the table and grinned. “Stands out almost as much as you do, buddy,” he greeted. “Dude, did you teach your Sam to fly?”

Sam grinned encouragingly. “Bowman thinks he taught me to fly,” he said as he caressed one of the wings of his glider. He could see the attention it was getting, and from looking around the Lounge at all the other Sams, could understand why.

He was the only one, aside from Bowman, wearing the colors of Wellwood.

“I ended up in the Wellwood when I got cursed,” Sam explained as Dean sat down, a fascinated look in his eyes for the leaf glider. The other Sam started to climb down so he could join them. “Figured if I can’t fly like they can, I’d just make my own wings.”

To demonstrate, Bowman stretched out one of his own wings next to the glider. The wingspan was nearly the same, and there was definitely a resemblance between the two. After years of poking at Bowman’s wings, Sam had been able to make his own, and all teasing aside, Bowman was proud.

“We look after Wellwood as a team,” he boasted, shooting both the Jacobs a grin. The younger one shrugged sheepishly and Bowman snickered. “Even gave that giant right there a reason to think twice.”

Jacob nodded even as he joined the others in sitting at the table. He held up his hand to show off the bandaging over the back of it, hiding a long gash in it. “Sam jumped up onto my hand when, uh. When I tried to grab him.”

Dean snorted, and his Sam sent him a scolding look. “Yeah, uh, so far we’ve seen all the Jacobs making… quite an impression,” he said with a smirk. “We’ve got big and tall over here,” he nodded at the oldest Jacob, and then at the next table over where a matching set of cursed Sam and Dean played a game of pool, “who managed to get sliced up twice for grabbing those Winchesters. Shorty by the bar definitely regretted grabbing Sam…” That Jacob still had a black eye to match his sliced hand. “The only one who made it out in one piece is half-pint, who’ll be back later. So far as I can tell.”

“Dude, don’t miss out on saying high to him when he gets back,” the older Jacob said, lightly punching the newest Jacob on the shoulder. “Seeing double is already a trip, right? Imagine seeing yourself pocket-sized.”

“Pocket-sized?” Bowman interjected with a wary glare.

The taller Jacob put his hands up in surrender. “I’m sure someone else said it before me,” he insisted. When Bowman only gave him a flat look in return, he shrugged in defeat. “Either way. You guys have fun chillin’ in the Lounge, it’s a great place. They’ll even make whatever food you want.” He gave a wave to his younger self, who returned it in a daze, and then wandered over to see what his own Winchesters were up to.

The Lounge || Sams of a Feather (1 of 4)

Welcome to the AU lounge! A place of relaxation conceived and helped designed by all the readers and visitors to the world of Brothers Apart! Stay awhile, kick up your boots, and have some pie!

Current AUs in the Lounge:

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Brothers Apart (The original Dean and Sam)
Brothers Lost (Big Jacob with the tiny bros)
Brothers Found
(Big Dean and Jacob, tiny Sam)
Brothers Adopted (Big Dean, tiny Sam and tiny Jacob)

****** Departing
Brothers Asunder
(Big Jacob, spritely Sam and Bowman)

****** New Arrivals

The door to the Lounge opened, and two green blurs swooped in, one spiraling around the other, who kept up a steady pace as he always did.

Sam Winchester, a knight of Wellwood, was surprised to find himself in a darker area, one that had no resemblance to his home in the forest. There, sunlight trickled in through the vibrant green leaves, giving life and warmth to the sprites who called it home.

Here, there were no trees rising up into the air. Instead, walls hemmed them in, containing a large space that was full of massive tables and chairs, laughing voices–

Sam pulled up on his glider, nearly halting in midair as he saw who was in the room.

“D-Dean?” he said in disbelief, spotting a man leaning over a pool table aiming up a shot to sink the eight ball.

Then, he nearly twisted in place, seeing another man dressed just like Dean at the bar, joking around with a slice of pie.

“W-what is this place?” Sam asked, his voice shaking.

“How about you land before asking questions!” Bowman answered, even as he banked around to take hold of the handle bars atop Sam’s glider. With his extra momentum, he dragged the glider forward through the air so Sam didn’t plummet, and aimed them for one of the many tables.

As much as Bowman wanted to meet Dean Winchester himself, he wasn’t about to shirk his duties. When Sam flew with him, they had to look out for each other.

“There’s two blasted Jacobs, too,” he groused as he lead the slow dive to their landing. A glance behind showed that the Jacob they knew was still waiting in the (annoyingly square) doorway.

“Dude, what the hell…” the newest Jacob muttered, staring around the room. Hesitantly, he stepped across the threshold so the door could close behind him, and followed the descent of the two green shapes he already knew among a room full of people he only thought he knew.

The new entrants to the room had not gone unnoticed by anyone. With their green clothing and vibrant wings, they stood out among the drab colors of a dive bar, nearly glowing in the luminescent light.

And, naturally, were recognized.

“Bowman!” one of the Deans called, the one loitering around the pool tables. A broad grin split his face as he saw the sprite landing on the table with a second winged ally.

He didn’t get the sense from Bowman that he was the same sprite they’d met a few cases back, but that didn’t much matter in a place like this.

“Who’s that with him?” Sam asked, motioning for Dean to give him a lift.

Dean scooped him up and dropped him on his shoulder with a bit more casual of a motion than normal. “Dunno,” he said, wandering towards the new trio. His eyes widened as the other person came into focus, removing belts that held him to a pair of wings designed much like Bowman’s.


The spritely Winchester looked up, briefly filled with hope as he saw there was a Dean standing there. A mountain of disappointment hit him as he saw a second figure sitting on his shoulder, his face falling. He glanced around, looking for a Dean without a Sam.

But there was none.

“What is this place?” he asked again, looking back at the original Dean and Sam.

Can you just see spritely Sam’s debut? Swooping right over Jacob’s head when he gets there, Bowman right alongside him?

He’ll have no shortage of hands to land on, once he recovers from the sight of all those Deans, and will be disappointed to find that none are his. Poor guy needs to find his brother.

But of course, then he’ll be showing off his glider, as much in love with it as Dean is with the Impala. We still need a picture of the glider, its wings designed after Bowman’s and made to soar through the forest.