The Lounge || As Light as an Oscar (1 of 4)

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Current AUs in the Lounge:

Brothers Together (Teenager big Dean; tiny kiddo Sam; tiny kiddo Oscar)
Brothers Apart (The original Dean and Sam)
Brothers Lost (Big Jacob with the tiny bros)
Brothers Found
(Big Dean and Jacob, tiny Sam)
Brothers Adopted (Big Dean, tiny Sam and tiny Jacob) ****** Returning
Brothers Asunder
(Big Jacob, spritely Sam and Bowman)

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Sam busied himself checking the last of the belts, giving the last one a sharp yank to confirm it was tightly sealed.

The kid hanging from the makeshift harness laughed as he swayed in place, kicking out a leg to see how solid the belts hold on him was.

More than one person was watching Sam in concern as he went about rigging up his glider so it would soar with a second passenger. Both Dean and his younger, teenager self hovered close by, peering under the glider’s wings to see ten-year-old Sam.

“You sure this’ll work?” the teenager asked, nudging his little brother with a finger and sending him swaying all over again.

Sam grinned confidently, pushing his rapier to the side as he fixed his own belts. “Of course! Normally sprites carry the kids themselves with their belts if there’s an emergency. I always keep extra supplies on hand in case we find someone that needs a lift.” He batted at Sam’s leg and set him swinging a third time, only getting giggles from the excited kid, eagerly awaiting their flight. “The glider will handle his weight no problem.”

“Then we get to fly!” Sam declared from where he was harnessed.

Jacob watched with fascination as the littlest Sam was fastened in. It might never get old to see such tiny harnesses and belts put to actual use. The few times he’d held the glider, it had felt delicate enough to break in a harsh breeze.

But he’d seen it in action. A breeze was just what that glider used to soar like the sprites that took Sam in.

“You’ll fly alright,” he commented. He was as endeared as anyone by the sight of little Sam rigged up in the glider. It was oversized for him by far. “That thing gets some air.”

Oscar, who had held back until then, curiously approached the glider and eyed the belts holding Sam in place. He had to double check. “Might even get too high for a pin and string,” he realized, “so you better hold on tight, Sam!”

“You bet Oz!” Sam giggled, forgetting himself and using Dean’s nickname for the kid. He gave his older counterpart his biggest puppy eyes. “Think Oscar can try after I’m done? Please?”

“Hmm,” Sam pretended to think it over as he gave the glider a few last minute checks. To all eyes, it was in perfect condition. None of the wear from the last few flights out in Wellwood were showing, leaving him to wonder if this strange place they were on had anything to do with it.

“I think we can do you one better,” Sam decided. “We can take both of you up together. Oscar’s small enough for Bowman to carry, no problem.”

Oscar, who hadn’t planned on flying, straightened and stared up at the spritely Sam with wide eyes. “I-I, um,” he stammered, all while his cheeks turned pink. He looked over to where Bowman stood with an eyebrow raised for Sam. “Can you?”

Bowman broke out of his flat look at Sam and offered Oscar a smirk. Volunteered or not, he wouldn’t deny anyone a chance to try flight. “Sure I can,” he said, sizing the kid up. “I used to take Rischa flying all the time.”

“Oh,” Oscar muttered, vaguely remembering who Rischa was. Then he eyed the belts securing Sam in. “Do ya have, um, any extra belts? I don’t wanna fall…”

“Don’t even need one,” Sam breezed past Oscar’s concerns, reaching over and giving a sharp yank on Bowman’s yellow scarf. Bowman didn’t have a chance to grab it back before Sam had claimed it.

The fabric was bright yellow to contrast the greens of the Wellwood outfits, and made to withstand flight. It was exactly like what they used to use for Rischa when she came flying with Bowman, back before her wings grew in.

In a smooth motion once he had the belt in his hands, Sam hoisted Oscar up and held him out to Bowman in spite of his surprised squirms. Bowman rolled his eyes at Sam’s antics, but held out his arms to carefully accept. The moment the sprite was holding the kid, Sam looped the fabric around them both, tugging it until Oscar was firmly held to Bowman’s lean torso. Quick loops around the kid’s arms and then another around them both, and Sam tied off an expert knot he’d learned in Wellwood, sure to pull it tight.

“There we go!” he said cheerily. “Light as a feather.”

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