Valentine’s Day Sneak Peek

As a gift to my followers, have a sneak peek from a future Brothers Apart story!

Curled into a ball, Sam listened impatiently to the voices that echoed above him.

They had stumbled onto a case up by the Great Lakes one morning that had both of their spidey senses tingling. A man was found dead in his home while his wife was out. All doors locked, the alarm system armed and fully functional. The oddest part was his heart had stopped without warning (he was only 40). In the subsequent autopsy that had been run on the body, the doctors had found, of all things, a cupid’s arrow pin in his heart.

Like it had simply materialized there by magic.

Needless to say, the authorities were baffled. Dean was betting on a witch, and Sam wasn’t about to bet against him.

Which was why he was curled up into a ball, safely tucked in Dean’s hand and waiting for an opportunity to get out and search for the hexbag while Dean smooth-talked his way into the house.

He couldn’t help but squirm a little in place, trying to find a comfortable position as Dean walked into the house at last. The huge fingers cupped around his body flexed open a little at his struggles, giving him space.

Even as he gratefully shifted to a more comfortable position in the increasingly hot and enclosed area, one of the fingers he was leaning against twitched in what he recognized as Morse Code.


Smirking, Sam pounded out his own shorthand into the fingers with sharp punches, telling Dean off.


Dean sized Jacob up as he drank from his foil cup. No one had ever warned him that whiskey wasn’t made to be drank in draughts, and his own inhibitions were already down by his boots.

Jacob was a big guy, with muscle covering his arms and upper body. His legs were most likely the same, but they were hidden underneath waves of sturdy blue fabric every day. Despite the growing warmth outside, Dean couldn’t blame him. He wasn’t a fan of shorts under any conditions and never had been. Unless they were short shorts on certain girls he’d seen in school…

He had to shake his head to focus, and found himself almost pitching to the side. Sam snapped a hand out, steadying his balance. “Maybe you should sit,” Sam suggested, pulling Dean towards the alarm clock.

“No… ‘m fine, Sammy, leggo.” Dean tried to twist his arm out of Sam’s grip. With his own balance off and Sam doing fine, he didn’t succeed, pulled like a kitten and placed against the alarm clock to lean.

Dean huffed in annoyance. “Whatever.” He turned and pointedly ignored Sam, sadly shaking his cup and watching the dredges swirl around.

From chapter 25 of The Road Not Taken – Bobby’s Good Whiskey

Wonderful comic by @homeiswheretheheartsare

Well… I can’t really promise there won’t be any major character deaths.

And crying. There will be crying because I have been crying at some parts. Also, writing the horror story actually gave me and @neonthewrite nightmares. So there’s that, too.

I actually lived up to my nightmares name at last.

Mallory, one of my favorite characters to write, died off in the first story. I was happy to be able to bring her back in AU fics, but then we went and made her cry, too, so now I feel guilty all over again.


Mallory sat herself on the foam of the bed she shared with Walt. The warmth of the blankets she’d lovingly crafted for her family couldn’t touch the shard of ice that had lodged in her heart.

As her tall boys fought, ignoring the threat of any humans nearby hearing them, she sat there and cried and watched her family fracture.

Mallory commissioned from the wonderful aibyou

That’s the background for Brothers Lost, and John does not end up finding the brothers. He believes them both dead, and leaves the motel.

Brothers Lost

He was supposed to be out there. Saving people. Hunting things.

He wasn’t supposed to be the victim. Trapped by a witch and a curse that tore his entire world away. Everything gone but Sam himself.

Dean skidded to a halt when he reached the end of the bed and scanned the room once more. Sam did the same, checking their area in case Dean missed anything. Patience was key, as Walt repeated over and over again.

He held a hand out to Sam, signaling that he would go first. He was the oldest. It was his idea, so he’d take the risk.