Well… I can’t really promise there won’t be any major character deaths.

And crying. There will be crying because I have been crying at some parts. Also, writing the horror story actually gave me and @neonthewrite nightmares. So there’s that, too.

I actually lived up to my nightmares name at last.

Mallory, one of my favorite characters to write, died off in the first story. I was happy to be able to bring her back in AU fics, but then we went and made her cry, too, so now I feel guilty all over again.


Mallory sat herself on the foam of the bed she shared with Walt. The warmth of the blankets she’d lovingly crafted for her family couldn’t touch the shard of ice that had lodged in her heart.

As her tall boys fought, ignoring the threat of any humans nearby hearing them, she sat there and cried and watched her family fracture.

Mallory commissioned from the wonderful aibyou

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