Kara’s adventures in Taken

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Well you know how in Taken Kara was captured by Dean? Well what would happen if she was captured by someone else? And also, completely off note, I really love all of your story and am a big fan.

Well, it would depend on who was the person to catch her!

If it was one of the Mangas family, it would be a lot like pre-A Burglary at Baker Street. All of the borrowers are kept contained, and if Dean (or someone else) isn’t there to rescue them, they’re going to be shipped off for processing in London.

((Fun fact: This was my original background for Taken, but it was never touched on, and when we were coming up with ideas for Brothers Consulted, it was an obvious choice to finally expand upon.))

A friendlier human would likely help her out, at the very least get her some food! She’s always a sweet kiddo, and it’s practically against her nature to hate anyone.


(Story 7 of the Brothers Apart series and the end of Season One)

The brothers are working an easy case in Hibbing, Minnesota when they’re reminded just how delicate their situation is. The reminder? A cold bucket of water in the face for Dean, and a world of trouble for Sam.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Walt Watch, Kara Bolt, Christian Bolt, Briella Watch, Mikael Foyer

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Artwork by Heartstores

A Fateful Supply Run


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AU: Brothers Apart

Timeline: Before Taken

“Kara, do you trust me?”

Kara stared up into her dad’s big grey eyes, a match for her own. Where hers were bright and hopeful, his were worn and older, creases in his skin formed from the hard times they’d survived in the motel. Hard times that had taken away her mother, his loving wife.

Nodding, she didn’t say a word as he turned and darted away. Of course she trusted him. She would always trust him. Her daddy had taken care of her ever since she could remember. Thin and underfed, Christian put his daughter before himself in all things. If there wasn’t enough food to feed them both, he would fast to let her eat.

Still, she was underfed and needed more food to survive. The scarcity of food in this motel showed in the ribs he could see clear through her skin. Too thin. If he couldn’t find more for her to eat, she’d waste away to nothing.

He’d only just reached the table when the door of the motel room swung open with an ominous creak. Christian froze, and chose to dive behind the leg of a chair before the human spotted him.

It wasn’t check-in time yet, why were they here?

He had his answer seconds later, when a hand descended around him. He struggled. “No!”

One hand reached out, grasping at the air where he knew Kara was waiting for him as the fingers shut tight, trapping him.

“Looks like we’ve got another to show Mina.”

“Hopefully this time she wants to bargain. We can’t wait much longer before the cash runs out.”

“Whatever, dear. She’ll come, the moment we call her. She always does.”

Christian didn’t have time to puzzle these strange words before under him, a gaping black purse opened up and he found himself tumbling inside. He landed with a thud on his side, groaning as he kicked a strange black cylinder, almost as long as he was, away.

Darkness fell over him, but his eyes could make out the shadowed interior without a problem. Huge items were scattered about, human possessions that he didn’t care to understand.

All he cared about was two very worried grey eyes he could see in his mind’s eye, looking up at him with all the trust in the world.

And now he was being taken away from her.

It Just Takes One


I had to double check because I was certain I put Please on the list, but then it doesn’t really matter. I got an idea anyway.

AU: None of the current ones

A nightmare. This was a nightmare.

The sound of the worn plastic ice bucket slamming to the floor echoed in Oscar’s ears, and his eyes were wide with terror. A bruise was already forming on his forehead from slamming into a wall that hadn’t been there seconds before.

He was trapped. A human had spotted him while he ran desperately for cover in the motel room. They’d grabbed the ice bucket without a second thought, and in a few steps that covered distances Oscar would have to sprint for several seconds, stomped over to him.

The ground was still shaking. No, he realized, that’s just my knees.

Tears welled up in his eyes and raced down his cheeks. Oscar stood in carpet fibers that reached past his ankles, with almost no light leaking under the rim of the bucket. A circle of dim light ringed him in, an outline for how utterly trapped he was.

He hadn’t made it. After years of getting by on his own, keeping out of sight and collecting what he needed to survive, he hadn’t made it. It only took one failure to ruin everything, and the one failure had finally arrived.

Now, he was at the mercy of a human.

Light burst in from the opposite side of the container as it suddenly tilted upwards. Oscar whirled around, his cloth bag swinging with him and slamming into his side, heavy with the spoils he’d taken from the room. A breath caught in his throat and his shoulders hitched up with a new wave of adrenaline crashing through him like stormy waves on a rocky shore.

A hand with fingers bigger than his body slipped under the opening, blocking his escape route and inching towards him. Oscar could only watch, knees still shaking, as it came closer.

The first fingertip brushed against his chest and Oscar froze. Not an instant later, the hand lurched forward and that finger pressed into one side while a giant thumb closed in on the other, pinching around him and forcing the breath from his tiny, frail lungs. Oscar grimaced with pain.

More light washed over him now that he was secure in a pinch grip. The bucket was set aside and Oscar, stuck hopelessly in the casual strength of a single hand, shot into the air at the human’s whim. Air whipped at his messy brown hair and he closed his eyes, curling into himself as much as he could.

When he came to a stop, Oscar had his hands over his face. The human hummed thoughtfully, a deep, loud voice rumbling through his entire being. It was too much, too fast, too scary. Oscar sobbed and more tears came.

“Quit that,” the human ordered gruffly. Before Oscar could parse the words enough to understand that the order was for him, another pinch grip found him. Fingertips bigger than his head pinched roughly around one of his arms and tugged it away from his face.

He yelped in pain, and his other hand automatically braced against the pinch grip to try to free his arm. It was already bruising, he could tell. The human was too strong.

The human hummed again while Oscar sobbed, and then let go at last. Oscar held his hurt arm close to his chest, resisting the urge to cover his face again. Doing it once had gotten him hurt. He didn’t want to risk even worse consequences.

He dangled in the air like that for several seconds while the human looked him over, a cold and appraising look in those eyes. One fingertip nudged at one of his legs, propping it up to stare in disapproval at the cloth wraps he used for shoes. Then, it lifted up and mussed his mousey brown hair. Oscar squeaked in pain as it strained his neck.

“You’ll take some cleaning up,” the human noted, lifting Oscar higher. Oscar squealed with vertigo, finding himself now looking down at a huge human face, one that frowned at him like he was an interesting stone found on the ground.

Suddenly, a smirk appeared on the human’s lips. Oscar trembled at the sight of it and more tears coated his cheeks. He had never been seen by a human before, and now he understood why the idea scared him so much.

He was nothing to this man. He was just an object to pick up and observe, a toy. Nothing more.

Please …

A startled cry choked in his throat when the hand pinched around him dropped suddenly. Freefall wormed into his gut for a heartstopping second, and Oscar clung to the fingers around him despite the pain they caused in his ribs. His eyes shut tight for the brief moment.

Then it was over. The hand stopped moving, and then the grip around him relented.

Oscar landed in a heap on something hard and cold. The air escaped his lungs and he rolled over as motion assaulted him again. He looked upwards at a circular view of the ceiling, partially blocked by a human face peering in at him. The smell of cheap plastic surrounded him and he hiccuped.

He was in the ice bucket. Smooth sides that would resist any attempt to scramble up, the edge was over his head. With the human looking right at him, he wouldn’t have a chance to use his climbing thread to escape.

Not that it mattered. Once the human was finished walking, the bucket was dropped harshly onto what Oscar had to assume was the table. He jolted and then scrambled back, pressing against the wall of the container.

He didn’t know what the man had planned for him. It took him a second or two to find his voice.

Please,” he managed to squeak out. Fear and despair coiled together in his tone, a hopeful appeal to the giant’s better nature.

All he got was another smirk. “Oh, you’ll be one of Mina’s favorites, I guarantee it,” he said, the cryptic words soaring over Oscar’s head.

Then, another circle loomed into view, and Oscar recognized the lid of the ice bucket just before it slammed into place overhead, echoing loudly in his ears and shutting him into total darkness.

It is, the poor brothers!

For anyone that missed it, during the original guessing game for the AU and a few of the excerpts, in Brothers Consulted, Sam and Dean did not escape from Celeste. John never found her, Walt never rescued them. The brothers woke up together in a hexbag a week later.

Taking the first chance he gets, Dean cuts them free and they scale down the nightstand she left the bag on, getting away. Problem is, they’re still thinking like humans, so they go looking for help. And the people they find don’t help them find their father like they’d hoped.

Captured just like the others littles in Taken, Sam and Dean are shipped off to England (Much like Mina Chandler would have done with Bree, Mikael and Christian if given the chance). Once there, Dean contrives an escape using a paperclip left near their cage, getting himself and his little brother out of there. They aren’t about to make the same mistake twice, and are found huddled together by an older couple, standing the same size as Sam and Dean. They take the two children in, sheltering them until the brothers decide to move out.

And of course, they pick 221B Baker Street to move into.

Dean actually already had to figure this one out! It happened back in Taken, and though at that point he was only transporting four tinies that weren’t comfortable being held in hands or pockets, he may transport more in the future. His duffel bag had to be completely emptied out, and that gave them plenty of room to move around in and try to forget that a giant was holding them up effortlessly.

Something huge shifted behind them while they were talking. Dean was digging through his duffel, tossing all the stuff that was in it into the back seat. “Uh, Dean. What are you doing?” Sam called out, curious.

The huge green eyes settled on Sam, making him stiffen before he could push the instinct away. It was harder after what he’d been through to act normal around Dean. “Can’t let you guys stay on the seat while I’m driving,” Dean said. “Too dangerous. I hit the brakes once and you all go flying.”

Sitting up once he was done, he showed them the duffel. “You’ll all be safe in here, I promise. I won’t zip it up so you can get out if you have to. You have my word, I’ll never trap you against your will. Any of you.”

The huge duffel was placed behind them on the seat. Figuring he’d go first and let everyone know it was safe, Sam went to climb up the bag. He found himself stopped by a huge hand.

Sam flinched away nervously. “Dean, what the hell?”

“Sorry, Sam. You’re not going in there with your arm in that condition.”


13. Snow

A little story from Kara while her daddy was missing!

Kara sniffled, brushing away a tear as she curled into a ball.

Her dad was gone. Christian was gone, and she had no idea how to get him back.

Her tiny form was hidden away in the walls, just like he’d always told her to do if she was in trouble. Stay out of sight, out of reach, beyond notice by any humans. She had to choke down her cries, forcing herself to stay quiet in the vents.

She’d run long and hard to get away from that terrible, horrid room where he’d been taken from. Why? Why him, why now, why did she have to lose the last person she had in her life?

Her mom was gone, nice old Mikael had vanished a week ago, and now daddy had followed, grabbed in huge hands.

She blinked her grey eyes open again, and uncurled enough to creep along the vent. The metal was cold to the touch, but it wasn’t on. If she heard the clanking motors activate deep in the bowels of the motel, she’d be forced to find a new place to hide.

Ahead, there was a slit. She came up to it, peering out to see where she was.

One of the motel rooms stretched out before her, and she very nearly ducked back down. But there were no humans up and about, just one guy sitting on the bed down there. The television was on nearby, and she stared at it. Her dad had told her about televisions before. How they could show humans things that happened very far away.

This one had a white forest on the screen, and her grey eyes reflected the sight of gentle snowflakes landing on the ground.

It was so peaceful and idyllic. A scene that Kara would never be able to see outside of the walls.

She took a deep breath, holding the image in her head. Peace. She needed to get her daddy back so they could find some peace of their own.

The human shifted, and her terrified eyes flashed back to him. He was huge. Why did humans have to be so massive?

Him moving caught her attention to something she’d missed. On his shoulder, there was another man.

The human’s voice was drowned out by her shocked reaction. She almost scrambled away from the vent, then inched forward once more to see if she’d been imagining things.

But no. It wasn’t her imagination. There was a man on the human’s shoulder, and he looked as relaxed as anyone she’d seen. No fear, no worry. Casual words exchanged between the two of them as they argued over what they should do next. The human stood and snapped off the television, dispelling the image of the snowy forest.

Kara blinked, then her resolved firmed. When the human wasn’t around, she needed to talk to this new guy. Sam.

Maybe he could help her find her daddy.

Dean let complete sincerity saturate his words, his green gaze warm and steady. This was something he wished he could have said a long, long time ago, when he’d first found Sam that fateful day, trying to hide from him in a motel room, smaller than a mouse. “Walt… I just wanted to thank you for what you did. Saving Sam all those years ago, even risking your own lives to do it. You and the others… you never have anything to fear from me. You have my word. Sam’s family is my family. Size be dammed.”

Excerpt from Taken.

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)

Romance is fine, sex is not. I’m asexual, so it’s not that I’m bothered by the thought of romance. That would make me aromantic, which I am not. It’s that I don’t understand sex at all. It baffles me which is why you won’t see me write it. It’s like trying to go out and write a quantum mechanics textbook when all you got for an overview in physics was a ten minute introduction course where Sheldon got himself hung up on the beginning of his planned syllabus. 

Ship who you want with Sam. In the storyline that’s planned, his romantic future is already charted out. ❤