Dean actually already had to figure this one out! It happened back in Taken, and though at that point he was only transporting four tinies that weren’t comfortable being held in hands or pockets, he may transport more in the future. His duffel bag had to be completely emptied out, and that gave them plenty of room to move around in and try to forget that a giant was holding them up effortlessly.

Something huge shifted behind them while they were talking. Dean was digging through his duffel, tossing all the stuff that was in it into the back seat. “Uh, Dean. What are you doing?” Sam called out, curious.

The huge green eyes settled on Sam, making him stiffen before he could push the instinct away. It was harder after what he’d been through to act normal around Dean. “Can’t let you guys stay on the seat while I’m driving,” Dean said. “Too dangerous. I hit the brakes once and you all go flying.”

Sitting up once he was done, he showed them the duffel. “You’ll all be safe in here, I promise. I won’t zip it up so you can get out if you have to. You have my word, I’ll never trap you against your will. Any of you.”

The huge duffel was placed behind them on the seat. Figuring he’d go first and let everyone know it was safe, Sam went to climb up the bag. He found himself stopped by a huge hand.

Sam flinched away nervously. “Dean, what the hell?”

“Sorry, Sam. You’re not going in there with your arm in that condition.”

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