So get this, Sam and Dean are communicating by morse while interviewing a vic, but what they don’t know is that the vic knows morse code. The vic notices the actual fuck?! Who is he even talking to?? Are all FBIs like this? I guess I really am loosing it. Bonus question- are there any other characters who know morse code? Again, your stories are amazing and thank you so much for sharing them with all us :3

Could you imagine seeing someone just tapping out a conversation? With no one? Who’s that guy talking to, is this just a nervous habit? Then realizing that someone else might actually be tapping back… There’s more to this guy than meets the eye.

There actually is one other character who knows Morse (without learning it within the story context, which a few likely will!). John Watson knows it from his time serving, and used it a few times on cases during his time with Sherlock. How he puts this skill to use with the tiny bros remains to be seen!


Is tiny Sam stronger than tiny Dean?

Only as much as full sized Sam is larger and stronger than his older brother!

On the same size scale, the brothers are as equal as they are in canon. Both receive the strength boon that borrowers get.

Compared to a human at the same size, they’re both around 12 to 13x stronger. With training and proper nutrition, they’ll be closer to 17x their regular strength. So if Dean wanted to, he could dangle Sam by the nape of his neck just as much as Sam does.

He just happens to be shorter, so it’s nowhere near as easy, ffs. Stop that, Sam!

Sneak Peek

Last but not least and never forgotten, There’s No Place Like Home!

Idly stretched out along the margins of their dad’s journal, Dean slid his whetstone along his knife, admiring the silver gleam that caught the light while Sam frowned down at a passage in John Winchester’s heavy-handed scrawl.

They’d spent most of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon like that. Dean got his exercise when Sam needed to turn the page, and Sam persisted in trying to kick him out of the way instead of letting him get up on his own.

They always found their own balance.

Both of their bags were left off to the side, next to the journal. Once he was done checking over his own knife, Dean was planning on going over Sam’s just as assiduously. They needed to keep the only weapons they owned in tip-top shape. They couldn’t risk the precious knives for anything. Any other weapon their size wouldn’t come close to the craftsmanship or quality. Dean would be damned if he let Sam’s weapon fall out of repair, the best defense his little brother had against the too-big world.

“Y’know, I was thinking,” Dean said aloud, breaking their easy silence.

Sam arched his eyebrows in Dean’s direction. “Thinking? You do that?”

“Smartass.” Dean stared up at the ceiling high above. He had one leg casually kicked up on a knee, and was lying flat on his back. “But anyway, I was thinking we might want to see if we can get Jacob some more practice on the guns. He could use it.”

Sam shrugged, walking past Dean. He whapped Dean’s boot with a hand as he passed, making Dean briefly flail when his balance was lost. “We’ve got some time while we’re in town if there’s any gun ranges around. I doubt his parents or the neighbors will appreciate it if he starts taking potshots at cans in the backyard like at Bobby’s.”

Dean sat up. “We’ll just have to–”

Sam never found out what he was going to say.

The sound of footsteps trudging up the stairs made it through the walls. Dean twisted to look towards the door, only faint concern on his face. It was early for Jacob to be back, but the cadence and floor-shaking impression they could feel was nothing like how Mike and Mariana walked around the home.

Sam turned as well, but a shock ran up his back. The world almost dropped away as the door was tossed carelessly open, slamming against the wall and nearly jarring them from their feet.

The figure wasn’t as tall as the human they’d grown used to seeing over the last few months. He was thinner, too, not nearly as muscled. His head was topped with pale blond hair and his eyes were blue like ice. Aside from the arrogant demeanor of someone that clearly thought he owned whatever ground he walked on, one fact darted right through the brothers’ hearts like steel bolts.

It wasn’t Jacob.

October 28th excerpt:

“Told you this was a bad idea,” Sam hissed at Dean, watching John lift a pile of paper into the air that most likely weighed more than the pair of them together.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Him? He’s harmless,” he said. “Sherlock is the one we have to worry about.”

“But–” Sam’s protest cut off in shock when Dean pushed himself away from the side of the couch and went to stroll out into the open. It was too late for Sam to dive forward and grab his arm, and all he could do was watch Dean greet what was, to them, a giant.

Something along the lines of …




(Note: the sizing in the Dean pic is off from the horror story scale)

Those two brothers would be so overprotective of their downsized giant, they probably wouldn’t let him touch the ground. He might end up spending a lot of time being toted around in Dean’s duffel bag.

They would have to call someone up for help though. Jacob’s the driver, how can they research this without their driver?!

All wonderful art by @mogadeer

Aww, we all have to thank you for all this crazy your prompt gave birth too! I think Brothers Lost will have the most stories out of any of our AUs, based on the amount of ideas we come up with! When your prompt came in was the first time I got an idea that worked with both brothers tiny, and now it’ll never stop!

Hope you like what we came up with! This first story is only the beginning. (Love me some tiny Dean)