March 14th excerpt: 

“It’s a rectangle,” Sam told the little sprite. “Most of the stuff we have has corners.” 

Bowman’s wings fluttered and he took the sheet of paper, turning it this way and that to look at it from every angle. The gleaming white paper stood out almost as much as the red swatch of cloth. Bowman ran his fingers over the corners a lot, fascinated by the feeling and by the appearance. It was weird. He ended up bending one of the corners over and gasped, hastily trying to fix it.

“I broke the tangle,” he said quietly, clearly repentant and frustrated that he couldn’t fix it. Then, after a pause, he made similar folds in the other corners and stood the paper up like a little tiny table. He picked up the handkerchief and draped it carefully over, then giggled. “It’s like a bed with corners. Do your corner-houses have those too? ”

March 13th excerpt: 

Sam stared down at the ground again, his face flushed. “I – I dunno,” he answered quietly. He scuffed his boots against the ground, afraid to admit how scared he was. If they were right, and the world certainly seemed to be on their side, he was small.

And if Dean hadn’t been hit by the same thing, and Sam devoutly hoped he hadn’t, he would be huge.

Big enough to pick Sam up between two fingers without a problem, or close his hand around any of the sprites that were helping.

Sam rubbed his eyes, exhausted. “Be really careful, okay?” he told Cerul seriously. “Dean’ll be real upset if he can’t find me. Dad said he’s supposed to watch me if he’s out, and it’ll be all Dean’s fault that I got attacked.”

Reincarnation and Rebirth

After Ilyana passed away and was reborn in the fires of the volcano, Elenia was given life. Unlike any other fire sprite before her, Elenia is gifted with the magic of the water sprites, given to her by Nixie during the rebirth cycle. Because of this her coloration and temperment is far different than any other fire sprite. While they are easy to provoke and quick to anger, she mirrors her water sprite sisters, keeping a cool head in any situation.

Noonia, the fire drake that Ilyana loved so much, had taken it upon herself to follow Elenia wherever she goes. If it’s up to Noonia, her best friend will not get herself into trouble alone, no matter what.

Regardless of what the future holds, these two will always be found together, and Elenia will keep that flos vitae of hers safe.


Artwork of Elenia and Noonia commissioned from QuakeArts 

Elenia and Noonia both © @nightmares06