Reincarnation and Rebirth

After Ilyana passed away and was reborn in the fires of the volcano, Elenia was given life. Unlike any other fire sprite before her, Elenia is gifted with the magic of the water sprites, given to her by Nixie during the rebirth cycle. Because of this her coloration and temperment is far different than any other fire sprite. While they are easy to provoke and quick to anger, she mirrors her water sprite sisters, keeping a cool head in any situation.

Noonia, the fire drake that Ilyana loved so much, had taken it upon herself to follow Elenia wherever she goes. If it’s up to Noonia, her best friend will not get herself into trouble alone, no matter what.

Regardless of what the future holds, these two will always be found together, and Elenia will keep that flos vitae of hers safe.


Artwork of Elenia and Noonia commissioned from QuakeArts 

Elenia and Noonia both © @nightmares06

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