Can you tell me about your OC Noonia the dragon?


Sure! I’d love to!

Noonia is an OC that I made a few years back, when I was writing one of my spn g/t stories (The Schism of Fire and Water from the @brothersapart universe ). She’s the life partner of a fire sprite, Ilyana, and lives in the realm of the sprites with her. 

She only shows up a few times in that story, but I do have a follow-up story that will feature her a lot once it gets written. She’ll be making sure Ilyana’s newest incarnation doesn’t get into any trouble, and will be following that sprite (and their borrower buddy) around like a hawk.

For a dragon, she’s actually only a few inches big, so she’s just about big enough to carry a borrower on her back! 

@justanothergiant actually helped redesign her for me, I’m a big fan of how she ended up looking!

Of course, if you have a dragon following you around, be sure not to ignore her too long…

Let me know if you want to hear more about her or anyone else!

Arts by @justanothergiant and @lamthetwickster~

Phoenix: Whose character exactly is Noonia?
nightmares06: Mine
nightmares06: She’s from aeternum
Neon: She’s featured very briefly in the story with Ilyana
nightmares06: She was Ilyana’s life companion and is now bound to Elenia


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“Immortality is not as perfect as it may sound, sister.”

The matriarch, the younger of the two between them, sighed deeply. “She was young and misguided. Perhaps, in another life, these mistakes will be avoided.”

Nixie dipped her head, returning her attention to the ceremony. “Yes.”

As the chanting song reached a crescendo of power, Nixie stepped forth. A tear slipped forth from her eye as she remembered young Ilyana, born of Ilia before her just two years past. How had one so young fallen so far, so fast?

“In another life.”

As the ritual ended, Nixie tossed the flower into the volcano. It hit the magma with a hiss.

A spark of power burst forth as it was consumed in flame.

And she of fire will be born anew,

Twisting flames to herald her birth,

Times change and seasons end,

What was once old will be young again.

Story excerpt from The Schism of Fire and Water

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)

I’ve always found myself wondering what people like more. My completely original storylines (which are much more fun to write) or the brief episode-centric plots that I tackle (harder to write, but often hit on an important point in Sam and Dean’s relationship that’s hard to skip over).

Originally when BA started, it was based off of the plot of the show, a ‘what-if’ scenario if you tore Sam away from his family. It’s evolved since then. A lot of the story has evolved past the original intention. You’re going to see similarities to canon, and you always will because it is Supernatural and I never want to lose that feeling. But you’re going to see a lot more original plot lines and stories than I thought I’d come up with just over a year ago when it started.

The overall story arc is (and has been) planned out with Celeste, and you’ll be seeing her pop up when you least expect it. There will be much, much more with sprites… both my Aeternum babies that have already appeared multiple times in the story and the little earthbound babies that have yet to show their faces in the series. Just like how humans in Aeternum are almost unrecognizable compared to the humans of earth, the sprites that you see in our world will bear no resemblance to the sisters.

Most of the monsters that I enjoy writing are mine and mine alone, but there is always the chance of a good ‘ole fashioned Supernatural baddie rearing its head.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have planned. I really do pour my soul into my writing and this series has gotten me through a lot of rough times at work (in fact, it still is considering this week at work tanked about ten minutes in). Getting to answer everyone’s questions is one of the parts of my day I enjoy the most and reading the reviews or comments I get from everyone cheers me up no matter how upsetting life can be. ❤

Oh, you’ll see many more sprites. Plus, you didn’t think I commissioned artwork of my Elenia, born of Ilyana, just for kicks, did you? 😉

Artwork of Elenia commissioned from QuakeArts

Elenia © @nightmares06

Reincarnation and Rebirth

After Ilyana passed away and was reborn in the fires of the volcano, Elenia was given life. Unlike any other fire sprite before her, Elenia is gifted with the magic of the water sprites, given to her by Nixie during the rebirth cycle. Because of this her coloration and temperment is far different than any other fire sprite. While they are easy to provoke and quick to anger, she mirrors her water sprite sisters, keeping a cool head in any situation.

Noonia, the fire drake that Ilyana loved so much, had taken it upon herself to follow Elenia wherever she goes. If it’s up to Noonia, her best friend will not get herself into trouble alone, no matter what.

Regardless of what the future holds, these two will always be found together, and Elenia will keep that flos vitae of hers safe.


Artwork of Elenia and Noonia commissioned from QuakeArts 

Elenia and Noonia both © @nightmares06