“Immortality is not as perfect as it may sound, sister.”

The matriarch, the younger of the two between them, sighed deeply. “She was young and misguided. Perhaps, in another life, these mistakes will be avoided.”

Nixie dipped her head, returning her attention to the ceremony. “Yes.”

As the chanting song reached a crescendo of power, Nixie stepped forth. A tear slipped forth from her eye as she remembered young Ilyana, born of Ilia before her just two years past. How had one so young fallen so far, so fast?

“In another life.”

As the ritual ended, Nixie tossed the flower into the volcano. It hit the magma with a hiss.

A spark of power burst forth as it was consumed in flame.

And she of fire will be born anew,

Twisting flames to herald her birth,

Times change and seasons end,

What was once old will be young again.

Story excerpt from The Schism of Fire and Water

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)

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