Can you tell me about your OC Noonia the dragon?


Sure! I’d love to!

Noonia is an OC that I made a few years back, when I was writing one of my spn g/t stories (The Schism of Fire and Water from the @brothersapart universe ). She’s the life partner of a fire sprite, Ilyana, and lives in the realm of the sprites with her. 

She only shows up a few times in that story, but I do have a follow-up story that will feature her a lot once it gets written. She’ll be making sure Ilyana’s newest incarnation doesn’t get into any trouble, and will be following that sprite (and their borrower buddy) around like a hawk.

For a dragon, she’s actually only a few inches big, so she’s just about big enough to carry a borrower on her back! 

@justanothergiant actually helped redesign her for me, I’m a big fan of how she ended up looking!

Of course, if you have a dragon following you around, be sure not to ignore her too long…

Let me know if you want to hear more about her or anyone else!

Arts by @justanothergiant and @lamthetwickster~

The Schism of Fire and Water

(Story 8 of the Brothers Apart series and the beginning of Season Two)

After two months spent waiting for Sam’s arm to heal, both brothers are getting cabin fever. An unusual string of natural disasters a state over gets them back on the road with a unique case.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Walt Watch, Kara Bolt, Bobby Singer, Nixie, Ilyana, Noonia

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Artwork by @ittybittysketches!

“Immortality is not as perfect as it may sound, sister.”

The matriarch, the younger of the two between them, sighed deeply. “She was young and misguided. Perhaps, in another life, these mistakes will be avoided.”

Nixie dipped her head, returning her attention to the ceremony. “Yes.”

As the chanting song reached a crescendo of power, Nixie stepped forth. A tear slipped forth from her eye as she remembered young Ilyana, born of Ilia before her just two years past. How had one so young fallen so far, so fast?

“In another life.”

As the ritual ended, Nixie tossed the flower into the volcano. It hit the magma with a hiss.

A spark of power burst forth as it was consumed in flame.

And she of fire will be born anew,

Twisting flames to herald her birth,

Times change and seasons end,

What was once old will be young again.

Story excerpt from The Schism of Fire and Water

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)

Ilyana continued to grind in her point with relentless determination. “Nixie, you cannot hold. Submit now, before you are destroyed as well. I do not wish to harm a sister, but I am bound to this task and will not be stopped. Give yourself over, now! ” Her last words were angry and impatient.

“Ah!” Nixie cried out. Each of Ilyana’s words sliced through her to her very core. Even though she did not act against her sister directly, she was interfering, and her very nature sought to punish her.

Ilyana continued relentlessly on, repeating her commands and reinforcing her controlling power. “Release your magic, sister. Give yourself over to us, now.” Her power was increasing as the intensity of the firestorm grew and was beginning to take hold of Nixie’s very thoughts. The seed had been planted and it could only grow.

Story excerpt from The Schism of Fire and Water

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)

Nixie’s eyes darted from sprite to sprite, searching for the one in charge.

Dean drew Sam close to his chest, green eyes wide at the sight of the blue, protective barrier that wrapped around them in an orb and separated them both from the fiery blaze. Glimmering blue droplets hit the brothers with light splashes, helping to soothe the burns they’d acquired in the time they’d been under assault. Nixie did what she could, but none of the water was from a fresh spring, cutting down her ability to heal to almost nothing.

Before she could discover which fire sprite was controlling the rest, one separated from the swift whirlwind of sprites. Red eyes glittering, the sultry young sprite glared at she who was interfering. “Nixie. This is interference. You must stop.” She drifted over to the barrier, brushing her fingers against it. “You are bound as we all are to not interfere with other sprites. You must submit to me. My purpose is primary.”

“Ilyana!” Nixie said, her voice full of natural command as she beheld her youngest sister. “You must cease this attack. These humans are the ones that stopped our dark brother at their own peril. They have earned our thanks, not our anger.” She drew herself up in the air, hanging motionless with her wings spread. With the amount of magic she was channeling she had no need to flap her wings to remain suspended in midair.

She gave Ilyana her most confident stare. “I do not attack, and I do not submit. I stand in your way, sister.”

Story excerpt from The Schism of Fire and Water

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)

Romance is fine, sex is not. I’m asexual, so it’s not that I’m bothered by the thought of romance. That would make me aromantic, which I am not. It’s that I don’t understand sex at all. It baffles me which is why you won’t see me write it. It’s like trying to go out and write a quantum mechanics textbook when all you got for an overview in physics was a ten minute introduction course where Sheldon got himself hung up on the beginning of his planned syllabus. 

Ship who you want with Sam. In the storyline that’s planned, his romantic future is already charted out. ❤