Ilyana continued to grind in her point with relentless determination. “Nixie, you cannot hold. Submit now, before you are destroyed as well. I do not wish to harm a sister, but I am bound to this task and will not be stopped. Give yourself over, now! ” Her last words were angry and impatient.

“Ah!” Nixie cried out. Each of Ilyana’s words sliced through her to her very core. Even though she did not act against her sister directly, she was interfering, and her very nature sought to punish her.

Ilyana continued relentlessly on, repeating her commands and reinforcing her controlling power. “Release your magic, sister. Give yourself over to us, now.” Her power was increasing as the intensity of the firestorm grew and was beginning to take hold of Nixie’s very thoughts. The seed had been planted and it could only grow.

Story excerpt from The Schism of Fire and Water

Artwork by @lamthetwickster (x)

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