I’ve always found myself wondering what people like more. My completely original storylines (which are much more fun to write) or the brief episode-centric plots that I tackle (harder to write, but often hit on an important point in Sam and Dean’s relationship that’s hard to skip over).

Originally when BA started, it was based off of the plot of the show, a ‘what-if’ scenario if you tore Sam away from his family. It’s evolved since then. A lot of the story has evolved past the original intention. You’re going to see similarities to canon, and you always will because it is Supernatural and I never want to lose that feeling. But you’re going to see a lot more original plot lines and stories than I thought I’d come up with just over a year ago when it started.

The overall story arc is (and has been) planned out with Celeste, and you’ll be seeing her pop up when you least expect it. There will be much, much more with sprites… both my Aeternum babies that have already appeared multiple times in the story and the little earthbound babies that have yet to show their faces in the series. Just like how humans in Aeternum are almost unrecognizable compared to the humans of earth, the sprites that you see in our world will bear no resemblance to the sisters.

Most of the monsters that I enjoy writing are mine and mine alone, but there is always the chance of a good ‘ole fashioned Supernatural baddie rearing its head.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have planned. I really do pour my soul into my writing and this series has gotten me through a lot of rough times at work (in fact, it still is considering this week at work tanked about ten minutes in). Getting to answer everyone’s questions is one of the parts of my day I enjoy the most and reading the reviews or comments I get from everyone cheers me up no matter how upsetting life can be. ❤

Oh, you’ll see many more sprites. Plus, you didn’t think I commissioned artwork of my Elenia, born of Ilyana, just for kicks, did you? 😉

Artwork of Elenia commissioned from QuakeArts

Elenia © @nightmares06

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