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(If I get anything wrong, please let me know)You said Destiel and Johnlock isn’t canon in the BA universe, so I get that there not gonna be together, but does that necessarily mean that all four of them are heterosexual?(Aside from whether it will actually show in the stories).I know you have quite a few lgbt OCs(Stan, Nathan, Chase, Jacob, did I miss anyone?), are there any other characters from the LGBT society? I love all your characters and your work is amazing! Thank for being so awesome!

Well, you’ve got it half right– two of the four are hetero!

Dean and John stick with strictly hetero relationships in the Brothers Apart multiverse, but Sherlock and Cas are another story.

As an angel of the Lord, Castiel in his angelic form is both agender and asexual. He does take on the attributes of his vessel if he inhabits them for long enough, so when Dean knows him he is a male, while he has also been a female in the distant past. Sherlock, as well, is asexual, married to his work more than any person he could fall in love with. 

As far as other characters that appear in the storylines that are on the LGBT spectrum, we do actually have quite a few others…

Celeste, like her younger brother Castiel, was agender and asexual, though in the past she has shown a liking for women, and has currently been inhabiting a vessel for several hundred years, giving her a female way of thinking as she picks up her vessel’s habits.

All aeternum sprites are strictly feminine. There are no males of their race (making Sam quite an odd sight for Nixie!), and they do have relationships with each other. The fire sprites especially, with the burning passion that they feel for all things. Air sprites as well, though those relationships tend to spark quickly and end fast. Water and earth are more subdued, but very committed partners.

The characters Bardolph and Xander (who appear in this short story, and will be appearing later on in Brothers Apart season 3), are a pair of borrowers that will also fit on the spectrum. Barry has no interest in women, and Xander is surprised to find out he’s interested in both men and women. They’re particular faves.

Barry and Xander, done by @dolphiana!

Adriana the witch is as straight as a lightning bolt, but not in a good way. She’s perfectly willing to use people, men or women, to further her cause. Relationships are no exception. 

Adriana of the Woods, by @mogadeer!


Yep, you got Jacob and Chase right! Jacob Andris is ace/aro, so he’d be less interested in dating and more interested in being your buddy. He’s a very good hugger and listener, so that’s a good combo right there. Chase Lisong is bisexual with no strong preference of any gender over another.

In addition to them, nearly every one of my sprites (including Bowman Leafwing) is biromantic/demisexual.

I also have Elias Dawn, a genderfluid/pansexual trickster that may someday make an appearance in the BA Multiverse!

Artwork by @therealbrigeedarocks


I actually had to go digging around for these notes from about a year ago XD I have put thought into this several times before.

((Don’t worry! Castiel is still in Brothers Apart and will run into the brothers soon, so none of this is saying she replaces him!))

Directly from notes:

Of the fairy realms, there are three:

Aeternum of the gods,

Avalon of the Seelie,

Pandemonium of the Unseelie.

Avalon, for the fae, is their realm of heaven. Here dwells the Summer Court and the good fairies. Beware making deals even with the good fairies, they will ensnare the unwary in their webs and bring them to their home to service the king.

Aeternum of the gods is the purgatory of the fae. The guardian sprites live within, closer to the human realm than the others. They will attend a summons for help, keeping the balance of nature as commanded by their creators.

Pandemonium is where the Unseelie live and where the Winter Court dwells. The fairy version of hell and where their devil reigns. The fae that live within are wicked and quick to anger, often declared outright evil, though much like demons there are shades of grey within this truth.

(All of this is true in the Brothers Apart verses, not necessarily the Supernatural show. I took their lore and expanded it)

All this being said, the elemental sprites are some of the strongest of the fae, and because of that they were sequestered to the purgatory of their people, where the world remains unchanging and they can tend to their separate elements and bind any dangers to the other realms to guard over. The Midas amulet being only one of those dangers.

They are close to the leviathans, but without the innate evil and desire to consume the world.

Most aeternum sprites chose to ignore the rest of the worlds and keep to themselves until summoned by their gods to attend to their given tasks.

Nixie is an exception, but thankfully not the only one. We’ll have another sprite like her showing up in the BA verse to help make atonement for what the fire sprites have wrought.

Aww, I’m so touched to hear you love my writing so much! ❤


Art by @lamthetwickster

taters169: Will the Aeternum sprites be apearing in any of the other AUs?
nightmares06: At least one other
nightmares06: Not for some time
BorrowedTime24601B: Ooo
Neon: They’re very powerful XD Hard to convince them to show up on earth
nightmares06: XD Nixie is harder to drag into things than Bowman

Nixie would be very curious about these earthbound sprites! They’re so very different than her and her sisters. There’s men, for one thing. They have babies, instead of being born from their element (I can imagine the confusion when an aeternum water sprite runs into an earthbound water sprite like kadmianika greyfin).

Earthbound sprites also have a better grasp on the language found on earth, as Nixie still resorts to her descriptions when she can’t find the right words for what she’s talking about. She’s an empath like Rischa, and would love to take the little sprite under her wings to teach her new ways of using that empathy. Though aeternum sprites lean towards the more controlling aspects of their powers, unlike the earthbound sprites.

Bowman and Nixie would be wary of each other. He’s a male sprite, and she’s got dragonfly wings instead of the butterfly fins of a water sprite! It’s needlessly confusing. Why the Aeternum sprites need to call themselves sprites would probably baffle Bowman. They’re hardly like the sprites he knows at all!

He’d also be very miffed to find out how fast they are. He worked hard to get his top speed, and they can go much faster thanks to their magic. It’s not fair!

I’ve always found myself wondering what people like more. My completely original storylines (which are much more fun to write) or the brief episode-centric plots that I tackle (harder to write, but often hit on an important point in Sam and Dean’s relationship that’s hard to skip over).

Originally when BA started, it was based off of the plot of the show, a ‘what-if’ scenario if you tore Sam away from his family. It’s evolved since then. A lot of the story has evolved past the original intention. You’re going to see similarities to canon, and you always will because it is Supernatural and I never want to lose that feeling. But you’re going to see a lot more original plot lines and stories than I thought I’d come up with just over a year ago when it started.

The overall story arc is (and has been) planned out with Celeste, and you’ll be seeing her pop up when you least expect it. There will be much, much more with sprites… both my Aeternum babies that have already appeared multiple times in the story and the little earthbound babies that have yet to show their faces in the series. Just like how humans in Aeternum are almost unrecognizable compared to the humans of earth, the sprites that you see in our world will bear no resemblance to the sisters.

Most of the monsters that I enjoy writing are mine and mine alone, but there is always the chance of a good ‘ole fashioned Supernatural baddie rearing its head.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what I have planned. I really do pour my soul into my writing and this series has gotten me through a lot of rough times at work (in fact, it still is considering this week at work tanked about ten minutes in). Getting to answer everyone’s questions is one of the parts of my day I enjoy the most and reading the reviews or comments I get from everyone cheers me up no matter how upsetting life can be. ❤

Oh, you’ll see many more sprites. Plus, you didn’t think I commissioned artwork of my Elenia, born of Ilyana, just for kicks, did you? 😉

Artwork of Elenia commissioned from QuakeArts

Elenia © @nightmares06