Nixie would be very curious about these earthbound sprites! They’re so very different than her and her sisters. There’s men, for one thing. They have babies, instead of being born from their element (I can imagine the confusion when an aeternum water sprite runs into an earthbound water sprite like kadmianika greyfin).

Earthbound sprites also have a better grasp on the language found on earth, as Nixie still resorts to her descriptions when she can’t find the right words for what she’s talking about. She’s an empath like Rischa, and would love to take the little sprite under her wings to teach her new ways of using that empathy. Though aeternum sprites lean towards the more controlling aspects of their powers, unlike the earthbound sprites.

Bowman and Nixie would be wary of each other. He’s a male sprite, and she’s got dragonfly wings instead of the butterfly fins of a water sprite! It’s needlessly confusing. Why the Aeternum sprites need to call themselves sprites would probably baffle Bowman. They’re hardly like the sprites he knows at all!

He’d also be very miffed to find out how fast they are. He worked hard to get his top speed, and they can go much faster thanks to their magic. It’s not fair!

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