Small update

So far, instead of writing out the early days of Brothers Saved, I’ve instead added to the Angst that will happen during the big fight.

Yaaay, angst.

Still open to prompts and ideas for BSaved! More asks to be answered later today! Keep an eye open for them, we’ve gotten some good questions in and will even have a few sneak peeks up!

“Holy shit” update:

Hi guys!

Sorry for the slow activity on the tumblr page, let me just say life went and hit me with a bus for a bit!

Not only is work on mandatory overtime currently, I also had my car break down on the busiest highway in the state, and when my mechanic looked at it, he recommended just replacing it.

That car, which I haven’t even had for a full year.

So, needless to say, I was in a bit of a bind for a bit and had to throw myself fully into work. I still need money, but I do have a ‘new’ car to replace that one, and hopefully this time it’ll last

Things will hopefully start to pick up a bit, and with any luck writing will as well, so with any luck excerpts will be starting back up, and I’ll try and take a look at some of these asks we’ve gotten in!

I love all you guys, it means a lot to have your support!


We made it! The blog got to over 600 followers just this week, and since it’s a special occasion, we’ll share a special picture!

@chewbaccaaah was asking earlier on if Brothers Kept had any fluff coming, or if Dean would stay a nervous wreck, so we’ll show you a rare picture of Stan and Dean actually relaxing. So rare that we haven’t gotten to write it just yet, but you can bet this is coming up for them in the story!

Also, a note for our lovely followers who made this all possible: @nightmares06 is currently on overtime at work, and both her manager and her manager’s manager have resigned, so if posts are sporadic, it’s because of the added stress. Chapter updates remain on schedule though!

Artwork by @lotminx! Their YCH 14, if anyone wants to get this pose for their bbys.


For everyone watching, I’ve started compiling a fanfiction series, to go along with the other story posts we have on this page! 

This is only meant to be a quick way of locating fanfictions created by our fans for this universe, so please be sure to comment and throw love at the original works and writers! We want to support each other and keep the artwork coming!

The Study of the Four


(Story 1 of the Brothers Consulted series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @borrowedtimeandspace

Saving people, solving crimes
The flatmate business

Over a decade ago, a serious of unfortunate events led to the Winchesters, at only a few inches in height, being forcibly relocated to London. Now, they’ve adjusted to their size and found a new home to live in that just happens to be the same residence of a certain detective and his blogger…

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Greg Lestrade

Archive of Our Own || Fanfiction || Deviantart


Artwork by @lamthetwickster!

Epilogue has posted!


It’s been a bit since the blog’s been more active, sorry about that! 

Turns out I got a virus the other week and I’ve been barely able to scrape myself together enough to work. I’m still recovering and having trouble using the computer for long periods of time, but it’s getting better over time.

A few things that happened that I didn’t get to announce here is @torchmlp has guessed the remaining two story titles! #lald is officially Live and Let Die, and #eotm, thanks to the Christmas day hint, is Epidemic of the Mannequins!

We will have Epidemic previewed shortly, and Live will get a peek once the excerpts have finished posting!

Both were guessed in the discord chatroom, so if you’re ever interested in the discussions that go on there, please feel free to join! We keep the environment friendly and as stress free as possible.

Contest is in full swing! Remember you’ve got three months to work on your entry, so don’t stress out! And try and stay healthy. Sick sucks. (While I had this virus my husband went and got a stomach bug so just imagine scrubbing puke from a bathroom while you’re sick yourself. Life is fun in winter.)

Remind me if there’s anything else I’ve forgotten. My head is fuzzy.

Commissions will resume shortly now that I’m slowly scraping myself back together and I might actually be able to write again.

Send in some asks!