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thepoisonlily asked:

After Jacob in Wonderland, did Jacob remain with Sam and Dean until his injuries (at least the big ones) healed or did he have to make up a story for his family and friends?

Jacob had some adjusting to do before he could let himself go home. He’s learned quite a bit about hiding big secrets ever since he joined the team, but there was a lot that happened in that story. He would be way too haunted and twitchy if he went home too soon.

Luckily, they happen to know a whole village of sprites that have healing magic. Jacob was mother-henned by the Winchester brothers at the end of the story (and probably after, too), and the sprites would be no different. Especially Rischa, who knew the depth of his trauma and pain the minute he came back to the village. She wouldn’t have told the brothers since he didn’t want them to worry even more, but she’s told Bowman enough for him to be able to help Jacob out.

After he got his injuries patched up enough, he went home to try to keep himself busy, but he found himself visiting Wellwood a lot more often after Wonderland.

When the Brothers Found trio returns to Wellwood, I can only imagine how worried Rischa will be when she’ll see how scarred Jacob is

Absolutely. The last time Rischa saw Jacob, he was very nervous about his extra-reduced size, but he was holding up okay. He trusted everyone around him and felt like they could keep him safe. The trickster then took that away from him, by making sure he was in danger no matter how much the others tried to prevent it.

He can hide a lot of those lingering fears and trauma from the others, but he couldn’t hide it from Birdie. Luckily, she wouldn’t just call him out on it – instead, she’d focus on keeping him distracted, or simply demanding hugs or attention. She’d want to Pray the healing touch, too, and he probably wouldn’t be able to stop her! They’re a sweet pair.

Going back to visit a lot would end up being one of the best things for him.

I started wondering, what would happen if A Lich of Sense/Bothering Bowman took place in Faedell (my own fictional forest filled with tiny winged magical beings) instead of Wellwood? Fun idea, so I wrote out an outline. It HEAVILY parallels the original two, of course. But I realized that it also kinda feels like I’m just replacing Bowman with a fairy. Especially since I decided it would be more fun with Jacob there. And that wasn’t my intent, I love Bowman, but that’s how it kinda looks now.

Bowman might bop if anyone tries replacing him!

Just try not to imply that you’re replacing neon’s characters in the stories, she’s sensitive about that subject, no matter how many times we tell her she’s here to stay.

The forest you have sounds like an interesting place! I’d be interested in seeing what you came up with from that story idea!


A Lich of Sense

(Story 10 of the Brothers Apart series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

What happens when you have Winchesters in the Wellwood? A bad day for Bowman Leafwing, as an encounter with a certain hunter and his brother goes awry, and zombie wolves move into the forest.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bowman Leafwing

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Artwork by @ghostquack!

What would have happened if Cas didn’t manage to shrunk Dean back down? Would he be forced to become Bobby’s newest resident (and even bigger bottomless bag)? And how would he and Sam interact again (some of the Lounge ideas would be good, but still, angst)? Also I can imagine Bowman’s shock when Bobby goes instead of Dean and Sam somehow explains his brother ended up more giant than ever (prompt, maybe?) ~Sassy

They’d have to get him to Bobby’s, first! They took a road trip to Rufus’s cabin for the setup, knowing she wouldn’t fall for the trick at Bobby’s place. 

He probably would have knocked down most of the cabin if Cas didn’t fix him, simply because he had no place to go, and no doors big enough to crawl out of. All scrunched in a corner, and the only reason he couldn’t try and stop Celeste himself was because of the pain he was in from his bones expanding.

((There’s a good reason the victims of her curse often are unconscious for the good part of a week after it hits. Extremely compacted, extremely fast.))

The main thing about the Lounge is, Gabriel buffered it for size different interactions. The borrowers can’t be deafened if you yell, and no one can get hurt. Sam and Dean wouldn’t have that luxury. They’d need an interpreter, at least at first, someone who can talk to each of them separately.

I’m pretty sure Bowman would be all sorts of offended if he hears Dean is more giant than his giant now. Considering how serious the problem is in Wellwood, Bobby would definitely hit the road to help.

October 3rd excerpt: 

Jacob had always been something of an outsider in the village, owing to his huge size compared to its leafy-winged residents. It was strange to stand by and watch another human leaning so close to one of the home trees.

It was like getting an outside view of how strange he looked among the village.

He was a bit jealous that Sam, by contrast, fit in so well that he could walk right into that house. The most Jacob could manage would be to poke a few fingers through a window at the most. He and Dean wouldn’t be able to fit their hands through the doors.

Bowman Lost Excerpt


Deep in the woods, past the designated campgrounds, the forest was serene, all but glowing with verdant life. Birds sang to each other and fluttered their wings in mock chases. Squirrels, fat from campers always feeding them, spiraled around rough trunks of oak trees or curled up in the smooth branches of birch. Ferns and foliage carpeted the ground, broken up by narrow deer trails that meandered like arteries in the greater living thing that the forest truly was. Golden sunshine lit up motes of pollen floating lazily in the air.

Among the peaceful scene, grunts of pain and discomfort barely broke into the tranquil sound. A voice smaller than the chatters of a squirrel muttered something, and then huffed in frustration. Its source hung from a tree branch, suspended in a net of thin, earthy-colored ropes.

Oh jeez. The size disparity would be incredible there.

Just a simple breath could knock sprites out of the air and rattle their little houses. I don’t think Jacob would even be able to see the little guys unless they sat still and he really squinted. Even then, he’d have trouble hearing them, while the rumbling of his voice alone could physically hurt the poor sprites.

Probably a good thing Jacob didn’t grow to giant size anywhere near Wellwood.