When the Brothers Found trio returns to Wellwood, I can only imagine how worried Rischa will be when she’ll see how scarred Jacob is

Absolutely. The last time Rischa saw Jacob, he was very nervous about his extra-reduced size, but he was holding up okay. He trusted everyone around him and felt like they could keep him safe. The trickster then took that away from him, by making sure he was in danger no matter how much the others tried to prevent it.

He can hide a lot of those lingering fears and trauma from the others, but he couldn’t hide it from Birdie. Luckily, she wouldn’t just call him out on it – instead, she’d focus on keeping him distracted, or simply demanding hugs or attention. She’d want to Pray the healing touch, too, and he probably wouldn’t be able to stop her! They’re a sweet pair.

Going back to visit a lot would end up being one of the best things for him.

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