Ask away at any time! I don’t mind 🙂

Currently, the running count is at 258k words as of the end of The Schism of Fire and Water. If at any time you’re interested in how many words are in the series as a whole or any of the specific stories, visit this page. I adore AO3 because not only does it let you group stories together in a series (the spark that ignited my idea to turn my Brothers Apart story into a series instead of a one shot) it also does not count notes in that word count like fanfiction does, and it’s friendly to guest users so that they can review and give kudos without needing to register!

Unpublished works are probably over 120k at this point… which is good because it’s been about two months since I was last able to write for the series. But I think I’ve got plans for what I want to do next… wish me luck!

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