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For people Sam’s size, any type of pesticide would be devastating. If they get caught by surprise, they’d die. If they caught wind of the pest control before it happened, they’d have to relocate. Even after pest control is gone, the little guys live deep in the nooks and crannies of the motel so there might be poison lingering in the area that could either kill them or cause long term health complications and when you’re that size and have no access to a doctor, that’s something you’ll want to avoid.

Of course, relocating is a danger all on its own.

If you want to read about the little guys of mine that lived in a motel that did get hit by pest control, check out the following fic:

Out of the Frying Pan

First of all, I love all your stories with a burning passion. I lost count how many times I’ve reread several of them: from the prompts, to the BA series, BT series, and other SPN stories on your DA. They are all so good! 

I am actually wondering,in BT series, had Sam ever been able to prank Dean in his sleep? 

I’m so glad to hear! It makes my day to discover other fans of my stories :hug: I obsess over them just as much, trust me. Lots of rereading :3 And lots of imagining new stories for the future. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas, especially not with the inspiration you all give me every day!

He hasn’t, but that’s just because he hasn’t had the time to prank Dean yet. Once he’s used to being small, it won’t be long before he’s getting Dean back for all the jokes.

Thank you so much for this 🙂

I know just what you mean. I’ve been working hard on getting better. After all, one day I dream of writing my own book and hopefully getting published. I go back and look at the older chapters of my stories, and I do get the urge to attack them with editing. It makes me grin to compare a snippet of my writing from back then to what I can do now. Not that I’m perfect now, but there’s a palpable difference in the flow and tone and overall format of the story.

And if you compare Reversal or Ounce to any of it, those poor fics ^^; they could use an overhaul.

Ask away at any time! I don’t mind 🙂

Currently, the running count is at 258k words as of the end of The Schism of Fire and Water. If at any time you’re interested in how many words are in the series as a whole or any of the specific stories, visit this page. I adore AO3 because not only does it let you group stories together in a series (the spark that ignited my idea to turn my Brothers Apart story into a series instead of a one shot) it also does not count notes in that word count like fanfiction does, and it’s friendly to guest users so that they can review and give kudos without needing to register!

Unpublished works are probably over 120k at this point… which is good because it’s been about two months since I was last able to write for the series. But I think I’ve got plans for what I want to do next… wish me luck!