First of all, I love all your stories with a burning passion. I lost count how many times I’ve reread several of them: from the prompts, to the BA series, BT series, and other SPN stories on your DA. They are all so good! 

I am actually wondering,in BT series, had Sam ever been able to prank Dean in his sleep? 

I’m so glad to hear! It makes my day to discover other fans of my stories :hug: I obsess over them just as much, trust me. Lots of rereading :3 And lots of imagining new stories for the future. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas, especially not with the inspiration you all give me every day!

He hasn’t, but that’s just because he hasn’t had the time to prank Dean yet. Once he’s used to being small, it won’t be long before he’s getting Dean back for all the jokes.

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