The Incredible Shrinking Winchester Conclusion

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: After The Schism of Fire and Water

( Part 3 of 4 )

Dean snarled. “You bitch, bring him back!”

She came up to him, stroking a finger down his cheek. A muscle twitched at the unwelcome contact, but Dean didn’t move. “Sweet Sammy has been at Bobby’s this entire time. He’s just too… small for you to see.”

There was an urge to bite her finger off, but Dean held back. A trickle of hope came to him. “Then make him normal. Make my brother normal-sized. I’ll give you my soul for that. Ten years, this sweet ass,” he held out his arms, “is all yours.”

She chewed her lips. “No.”

“No? What do you mean, no? ” Dean grabbed her slim wrist. “That’s the deal. You give me Sam and you come to collect in ten years. End of story.”

She wasn’t even fazed by his powerful hand gripping her. She shook her head. “That’s the deal everyone else gets. But you, Dean Winchester, are a special case.

“F-five years…” Dean said, desperation rising. “I’ll give you five years.”

She didn’t even consider it. “No.” She pulled her wrist away from him, effortless once more. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

She turned to walk away.

“Three years?”

She closed her eyes with a grim smile at that. Satisfaction almost bled from every pore. “No.” She turned around. “One year. One year with dear Sammy, and your bill comes due.”

Dean blanched. One year. One year of life and he’d go to hell.

But for Sam, he’d do anything.

“Fine,” he growled out.

Before he even knew she was moving, he was caught up in a passionate kiss. He tried to pull away, but her bright red eyes drew him in, forcing him to seal the deal.

Then she was gone.

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