Dean of Nowhere

(Story 2 of the Brothers Asunder series)

Cowritten by @nightmares06 and @neonthewrite

A man without a home. A hunter without a family.

Dean Winchester comes from nothing and lives for no one, but dedicated his life to saving people in need. Now, an unexpected attack on two campers by one of their best friends draws Dean to Wellwood forest, towards an unexpected reunion.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Jacob Andris, Bobby Loran, Chase Lisong, Rischa Songbird,

Sam Winchester, Bowman Leafwing, Scar Wolfblind, Cerul Elanwyn, Vel, the demon

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Artwork by @jennilah! ( @ask-tinycas )

Salads and Sulfur

( A work of fanfiction for Brothers Apart, and the second story of Food and Monsters, created by @neonthewrite  )

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Dean and Sam never expected to hear from Oscar so soon, but mere months after they met the little guy the first time, he has news of a strange murder right in his own motel. Of course, the brothers must rush back to help figure out what’s going on before more victims are claimed.

What happens when a side character tests well with audiences their first time around? They come back. Such is the case with little Oz! Here’s to hoping he gets more yummy food for all his trouble.

September 17th excerpt:

“They usually focus on people with some kind of weakness,” Sam supplied helpfully. “Only the stronger demons can possess anyone.”

“For all we know it could be one of those stronger demons,” Dean complained, brushing his hand over the journal sitting on his lap for reassurance. “Anyone’s at risk until this case is over.”

“You think it could possess one of us?” Sam asked, his eyebrows climbing his face.

Dean shrugged. “If it does,” he said pointedly, “you guys know what to do. Don’t hesitate.”

The Incredible Shrinking Winchester Conclusion

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: After The Schism of Fire and Water

( Part 3 of 4 )

Dean snarled. “You bitch, bring him back!”

She came up to him, stroking a finger down his cheek. A muscle twitched at the unwelcome contact, but Dean didn’t move. “Sweet Sammy has been at Bobby’s this entire time. He’s just too… small for you to see.”

There was an urge to bite her finger off, but Dean held back. A trickle of hope came to him. “Then make him normal. Make my brother normal-sized. I’ll give you my soul for that. Ten years, this sweet ass,” he held out his arms, “is all yours.”

She chewed her lips. “No.”

“No? What do you mean, no? ” Dean grabbed her slim wrist. “That’s the deal. You give me Sam and you come to collect in ten years. End of story.”

She wasn’t even fazed by his powerful hand gripping her. She shook her head. “That’s the deal everyone else gets. But you, Dean Winchester, are a special case.

“F-five years…” Dean said, desperation rising. “I’ll give you five years.”

She didn’t even consider it. “No.” She pulled her wrist away from him, effortless once more. “Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

She turned to walk away.

“Three years?”

She closed her eyes with a grim smile at that. Satisfaction almost bled from every pore. “No.” She turned around. “One year. One year with dear Sammy, and your bill comes due.”

Dean blanched. One year. One year of life and he’d go to hell.

But for Sam, he’d do anything.

“Fine,” he growled out.

Before he even knew she was moving, he was caught up in a passionate kiss. He tried to pull away, but her bright red eyes drew him in, forcing him to seal the deal.

Then she was gone.

The Incredible Shrinking Winchester Conclusion

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: After The Schism of Fire and Water

( Part 2 of 4 )

Dean whipped around at the voice. A woman stood there, her face passionless as she stared back at him. Red eyes glimmered at him.

A crossroad demon. The maker of deals.

Dean practically threw himself at her, grabbing her shoulders. “Bring him back!” His voice practically begged her. His brother, his partner, the person who relied on him above all others. “Bring Sammy back to life!”

The demon pulled herself out of his arms effortlessly. Pure demon strength showed through in the movement. Nothing Dean did could keep her still.

“Well what do we have here,” she clucked as her eyes changed back to the darkest brown orbs he’d ever seen. “A kicked puppy that lost his best friend.”

“Please,” Dean begged, his voice hoarse. “Please, just bring him back. You can have my soul, just bring back Sam.”

She crossed her arms and started to pace around the circle. “You Winchesters. You’re all the same, so willing to give themselves up for each other. But no.”

His heart pounded in his ears as he tried to blink away a sudden surge of anger. “No? What do you mean, no… I give you my soul, and you give me what I ask, that’s how it works.”

Red lips painted with luscious lipstick curled into a smile. More like a snarl. “I can only bring him back if he was actually dead. Now, try again.”

Not dead? Dean’s mind focused right on that thought. But he’s been gone for–

How long?

“What do you mean, he isn’t dead?” Dean snapped. “He’s been gone for…”

“Six months,” the demon supplied helpfully. “Your little Sammy hasn’t been around for six months now.”

I figured I’d put down what I’ve had in mind… so here’s your sequel!

The Incredible Shrinking Winchester Conclusion

BA Canon: No || AU

Timeline: After The Schism of Fire and Water

( Part 1 of 4 )

How long had it been?

Dean paced back and forth impatiently, desperate for the son of a bitch to show their face. The cracked earth beneath his boots formed the intersection of two roads off in the countryside.

How long?

How long since Sam had disappeared? How long since Dean had glanced away for one second and lost sight of his brother forever?

He’d failed.


The one person in his life he’d never wanted to let down. The one person he’d do anything for.

The person he’d failed when they were kids. The person he’d failed again when they reunited.

You’re a fucking failure. He deserved better and he always did.

The insidious voice whispered in Dean’s mind constantly. Every day he sat at that same table, praying his brother would reappear. How long had it been? Days? Weeks? Months? Considering that Bobby had chased him out of the house, it had to have been a long time.

There’s nothing you can do for him now. He’s gone and you need to accept that.

Had it been a year?

How long would Bobby let Dean stay in his house? The days had blended together. All he did was read, and research, and delve into lore he’d never known existed.

Anything to get his brother back.

Tears pricked at Dean’s eyes as he paced angrily across the crossroads.

“Ain’t you a sight for sore eyes, sugar.”

Yep, he can get possessed, but luckily he has a secret weapon. Since, yeah, he’d definitely too small for a tattoo. Before leaving the motel in Schism, Walt gave both brothers a ring with an anti-possession symbol burned into it. So Sam and Dean, so long as they wear the leather rings, can’t be possessed.

Of course! That little metaphysical ball of smoke knows no bounds and takes no prisoners! It’s time to be the big one for once and raise some mayhem.

Now just think of those exorcisms.

Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servirete rogamus, audi nos! 

*Person coughs up tiny puff of smoke*

“Did you get it all? Do we need to say it again?”

*Tosses holy water on the befuddled person*

Maybe. Or maybe if one of Sam’s people makes a deal or just plain goes to hell, they become demons too, so you have itty bitty black smoke clouds looking for a host.

And angels do not have a problem with any size host. When you’re the size of the Chrysler building, a few more feet won’t hurt to smoosh into.