Waking Dean

BA Canon: Chances point to yes

Timeline: Future Story

“C’mon Dean,” Sam gritted out, determined. “You need to wake up.” Giving up on the easy way, Sam kicked the cheek he was standing next to. A few more kicks to the cheek and one directed at the nose and he heard a rumbling from Dean as his brother finally started to wake up.

The next part happened too fast for Sam to react.

He’d always known Dean’s reflexes were sharp – after all, Dean had been able to catch Sam without even seeing him the first time they’d met back up not so long ago. A lifetime of hunting dangerous creatures does that to a person.

But he had no idea they were just as sharp asleep.

The second Dean’s eyes slotted open, he moved. The hand that came for Sam was lightning quick, to fast and too big for him to dodge out of the way in time. He had no choice but to curl up into a ball as he was helplessly scooped up off the bed by Dean’s thick fingers. He pulled his arms and legs in as close as he could to his body so they wouldn’t get snapped when the fingers closed tightly around him.

The huge silver ring his brother wore dug uncomfortably into his shoulder the way he was held. Sam tried his best to not squirm, afraid the movement might make Dean tighten the fist around him even more before he was fully awake and found out it was Sam he was holding. He was strong enough to crush Sam by accident if he wasn’t careful.

The whole world flipped around Sam as Dean moved, disorienting him and making his headache beat out a staccato tempo inside his skull. Sam groaned, trying to move enough to free his arm so he could rub his head and hopefully take away some of the pressure. No matter what he did, both his arms remained pinned to his side, held there by Dean’s solid grip. He could feel the hand moving, raising higher into the air as Sam’s stomach clenched with vertigo, unable to see where he was going. You would think he’d be used to this after spending the last few months with Dean, but no. Still nauseating, especially since he couldn’t see where he was being lifted to.

“Sammy?” His brother’s voice, groggy from sleep, filled the air around Sam. “Isat’chu?”

The tight grip around him loosened as Dean finally realized what he had clenched in his fist. Relieved, Sam relaxed from his huddled ball of limbs as the slightly sweaty palm under him tilted, rolling him onto his back so he was facing Dean’s worried face, bare inches away.

“Sam? What the hell are you doing? Are you alright?” A huge finger approached from the side, gently propping Sam up.

Sam rubbed his head, trying to focus his thoughts back from being discombobulated and scrambled. He wrapped an arm around the finger, using it to keep his balance while his head was still spinning.

Noticing this, Dean leaned even closer. “Shit Sam, did I hurt you?”

Sam waved Dean away, unable to meet the magnified worry in the green eyes he was suspended in front of. “I’m fine, just a little shaken.” He rubbed his head again. “Wasn’t really expecting to go for a ride just trying to wake you up.”

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