Congratulations, anon! You’ve guessed the premise of the Mystery AU! I’m very happy that someone managed to figure it out. I know it was driving everyone bonkers trying to sort out what it could be. Most of the AUs are dreamed up initially by nightmares06; this is the only one (so far 😉 ) that I came up with myself.

We’ll figure out a sneak peek soon. This Extra-Borrower-Kid AU, along with Brothers Together,  Brothers Lost, and the yet-unnamed Kid-Finds-Sam AU will be featured in a poll after A Lich of Sense finishes posting to determine which story will be posted (in the same slot that Brothers Together currently holds with Hershey Kisses and Salt Lines; we’ll call it the AU slots, Monday and Wednesday).

Okay but for real you have no idea how excited I was to see that this one was guessed. >w<

Update from @nightmares06: expect the sneak peek tomorrow! Any ideas for names for this AU are welcome!

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