I’m glad you enjoy my stories and my take on the Winchesters.

If you want to ‘get back to Supernatural,’ on the other hand, and don’t like the way the story is going, I recommend you tune in tonight and watch the new episode. At the end of the day, Brothers Apart is an AU and not actual Supernatural.

I write for enjoyment, and to relax. The fact that other people can enjoy what I write is a bonus. I love to share everything we do. As you can see, I don’t rp unless there are plans to post the rp. I have a high stress, full time job that consumes much of my life and I maintain the blog and write the stories to escape it.

Brothers Apart was derailed last year when I had a falling out with my editor. Because of this, half the stories I had planned for the series, including the one I was currently working on, were scrapped. That’s it. Scrapped. I’m still writing BA, and I still have many plans for it, but they are proceeding slowly.

Since that is going slow (too slow to keep up with a post a week after Lich is done posting), I figured people would enjoy the other stories we write. The other AU’s are exactly that – full fledged AU’s that we worked very hard on, and are excited to share. It’s disappointing to have them reduced to ‘side projects,’ especially since many are designed with supernatural style stories in mind, and are richer in content with the added input than any story I could ever come up with on my own.

From neonthewrite:

I was wondering if something like this would ever come in. Considering the crap that the various canon non-Winchester characters get from the fandom, it’s not surprising at all.

Not precisely sure what about my involvement offends, but I dunno what to tell ya, nonny. I enjoy writing with nightmares and her interpretation of the Winchester bros. has good chemistry with my own characters. As long as she’ll have me, I’m gonna keep writing with her. Like she said, we do this for fun, and we do it for ourselves.

It’s not a job and we certainly aren’t machines. We’re people. With, y’know, feelings and such. ‘,:T

For those of you who are enjoying yourselves, I hope you continue and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting a couple of stressed creators with your interest and kind words!

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