April 4th excerpt:

Jacob offered a warm smile to the closest of the nestlings, still a few feet away from him. They perked up in surprise, as if they didn’t expect him to be able to see them wandering closer to him. Tiny wings, some of them still slightly curled at the edges, fluttered at their backs.

“Hi,” he greeted them, and the nestlings stumbled forward even more. Some that were on the opposite side of the stream set to work carefully hopping from stone to stone, avoiding the water. “Be careful over there,” Jacob warned them. He got a few sheepish grins in return and some approving nods from the parents who hung back to continue the washing.

“We’re always careful,” someone answered, and Jacob looked down to find that a nestling had reached him. He tensed up slightly, staring at the absolutely tiny child standing in the grass, well within reach of the arms he rested on his knees. “If someone fell in the stream, their wings would get so heavy!”

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