Oh, and if anyone notices the excerpts are a little behind our writing speed… well, we’ve been writing more than a chapter a day this week, so we’re more ahead than I thought we’d be. The BU excerpts will show up soon.

As for BU… how about a peek? :3

“No, no, no,” Walt said under his breath as he tried to keep up with Sam’s fleeing figure. He needed to catch the kid before he stumbled himself ass backwards into trouble. The problem was Sam might be scrawny, but he was fast.

After losing Bree so recently, Walt refused to lose another kid like this. Even one that was a human so recently. Big enough to grab Walt up in a fist, and keep him trapped.

Trying to warn Sam’s family of the witch that was going to attack them had ended in failure. Walt was too late. He’d found the room in chaos, the older brother shouting his heart out in a thundering voice, and Sam…

For a moment Walt had feared the child was already dead. Spotting the tiny figure on the ground had solidified his determination, and he’d dared to dart out into the open to haul Sam out of the way. The father of the boys had come in, saving Dean at the last second.

If Walt hadn’t taken Sam, the boy’s own father might have unknowingly stepped on him.

“Sam! Wait up, please! You don’t understand!”

Walt’s shout was ignored. The tiny figure running from him veered for where a crack was letting in light, and his heart fell. That opening lead to one of the closer motel rooms. Sam was defensless if he stumbled into it.

By the time Walt made it to the room, it was already too late.

He squirmed his own way into the room, the leather bag over his shoulder almost catching on the opening. Sam was out in the center of the floor, frozen in fear, and at the end of the towering beds, was…

A human kid, younger than Sam, staring in disbelief at the tiny child.

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