This has to be the best episode for this XD

Can you see Sam’s face when the door opens and in strolls his older brother, predictable knock and all to announce he’s there, only there’s a kid, and god he looks so familiar and then Sam realizes it’s the Dean he remembers from right when he got cursed…

So much to take in all at once.

Dean seems so small, even though he still towers over Sam. His hands are much thinner, and his fingers shorter. He has to pull the bench seat of the Impala so far up that Sam can see his little metal hideout peeking out if he peers off the back of the seat. 

And Sam looks bigger to Dean because even though Sam hasn’t changed, Dean’s gotten a lot shorter himself. Scrawny kiddo wearing oversized clothes, they better get him back to normal soon!

After all, who else can buy the beer?


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