August 24th excerpt:

“I’ll take a coffee, black, with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich,” Dean ordered at the drive-thru window. His voice was still gruff from waking up and not grabbing a drink.

Sam was sitting down on the seat, calmly watching everything that went on around him with a steady eye. From there, he couldn’t be seen from the drive-thru window, and there were no walkways nearby for a passerby to peek in at him. He could have a few minutes where he was sitting on the seat just like anyone else did.

A shadow moved overhead and Sam craned his neck back. He watched as Dean steadily turned the wheel directly above, angling them out of the drive-thru. The car shifted to a faster speed, and Sam latched a hand onto the seam of Dean’s pants. As silly as it was, it was better than going flying with the car moving around. Dean wouldn’t be able to grab him in time.

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