Glad to hear you enjoyed the story! Just remember, and this is important – the circumstances in Brothers Found are far different than the circumstances in Brothers Apart. In Brothers Apart, the first time Sam ran into Dean, not only was he cornered behind a nightstand, he was also injured and snatched up against his will. All of this makes it a lot harder to trust someone fast. In Brothers Found, Jacob was the one that hurt Sam – completely by accident! – and Sam worked up the courage to seek out Dean for himself. He traveled cross country to find his older brother and ended up being the one to defend Jacob from his older brother, making Sam realize he had more power in the relationship than he thought. 

That says nothing about how Sam will be the next day when he wakes up in a room with two humans and no good places to hide, especially since for a lot of that hunt and his first encounter with Dean, he was on an adrenaline high.

Angst is always great, but angst for angsts sake not so much. We’ve always got more angst, but having a believable story is the most important part of these AUs.

Plus, plenty of fun coming in Adopted for sure.

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