@rudebees Hi! Glad to see you interested in our story! 😀 

The story itself is not yet complete, and after that we’ll be working on editing it. For any new stories written, we actually run a poll when a story is about to wrap up on @brothersapart, helping us randomize what posts next so there’s no favoritism shown towards any of the separate storylines we have going.

Currently story excerpts are posting once a day for the story under #tsotf, and any information or announcements for the Sherlock/Supernatural crossover can be found under #brothers consulted

Once it starts posting, it will be found under my and @borrowedtimeandspace‘s Archive of Our Own accounts, under the series name Brothers Consulted.

Since most of the stories posted here are Supernatural stand alones, if you want me to send you a message when BC starts posting, send me a pm on my main account, @nightmares06, and I’ll mark you down for it. I’m just as excited as you are!

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