Sneak peek of Brothers Divided

Brothers Adopted started off with a bang when Dean Winchester discovered a tiny kid in his room. With no idea Jacob Andris was actually family, saved by Dean’s estranged little brother, Sam Winchester, he trapped him under a vase to get to the bottom of why Jacob was in his room. Sam soon showed up to stage a rescue, caught out in the open by Dean, who swiftly figured things out. But…

What if Dean never woke up and found Sam in his room? What would become of Jacob?

“S-Sam, look, I appreciate this, but don’t get yourself caught because of me, okay? I’m sorry I didn’t run fast enough. But you still have a shot here, and who knows? Maybe he’ll let me go?” Jacob tried to offer a casual smile like he actually believed the suggestion.

He tried.

Sam ignored the suggestion as he aimed again. “I’m not leaving you,” he insisted. “Aside from the fact Walt’s already going to kill me, I’m not losing another brother.” He grew silent for a moment with memories of his older brother in mind, then launched the hook in the air. This time it landed on the top. Cautious, Sam carefully drew it towards himself, praying it would catch on the book.

The shot was no good. It slipped off, tumbling towards Sam. With a fast grab, he snatched it out of the air. “Son of a bitch,” Sam hissed, using one of his brother’s favorite curses from when he’d been a human.

He stepped back for the next shot, preparing himself.

The room around them was silent as the hook sailed up into the air. The human over on the bed shifted, but didn’t wake up. Sam froze when the hook landed on the book with a barely audible thump, glancing towards where the huge man was lying.

But he never woke up.

With a sigh, Sam started to tug the hook towards himself. He didn’t know what he’d do if the human woke up. Despite his brave words, his stomach was clenched with fear. No amount of bravado was going to help save them if the man saw him. Sam’s knife would only go so far. It would be like trying to fight a dragon with a pig-sticker.

A few more throws later, and there was no progress. Every time the hook thumped so faintly on top of the bible above, Jacob felt like it made the loudest slamming noise he ever heard. He was astounded that the human never woke up, only shifted once or twice. Something had left the man tired, which was very fortunate for the two on the table.

Or unfortunate, as it was beginning to look. Jacob’s nerves were frayed beyond recognition. He stood at the edge of the small room formed by the glass, his hands pressed against the side while he watched that hook continuously fail to catch on the book or budge it in any way.

It was too heavy. Even Jacob would have a hard time moving the thing. To them, it might as well be a bus.

“Sam,” Jacob hissed, halting him before he wound up for another throw. Jacob’s shoulders slumped and he sighed. “It’s not gonna … I mean, even if you somehow manage to pull it down, it’s gonna make a noise he’ll definitely hear. There’s only one climbing rope between us, man.” Jacob rested his forehead against the glass with a quiet thunk and stared at his boots while he let the implications sink in.

Jacob was trapped and the only thing that’d get him out of there was the human asleep across the room.

“He doesn’t realize there are more people like us. Don’t get caught just because I messed up. You’ve got a chance!” Jacob shuddered and he felt a sting in his eyes for what he was asking Sam to do. Asking his adopted brother, the man who’d looked out for him ever since the curse, to abandon him to the whims of an enormous human.

Matching tears sprang to Sam’s eyes, making him blink fast to ward them away. He swallowed thickly, staring across the room at the human that occupied it.

Jacob was right.

If their situations were reversed, they might have a chance. Even if the hook caught on the edge of the bible, Sam wasn’t strong enough to pull it off. Not from below, with no support to draw on. Not with just a thin fishing line to pull with and a hook that wasn’t made to hold onto the pages of a book.


“No,” Sam repeated aloud. Sudden determination filled him even as he was enveloped in hopelessness. “No, I’m not leaving you! He could do anything, he could take you away… he could…”

He trailed off, staring in at Jacob. His unsaid words died on their ears.

He could kill you.

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