Is there a story with normal sized Sam and Dean with a smol Jacob?

Not currently, but we have bandied a few ideas about for them! Sam is a lot more willing to hear out the smol and not trap him, while Dean scoffs at that and grabs the vase. Or a jar.


Tiny Jacob all on his own, trying to deal with some super intense hunters? He might just resort to really dry sarcasm to hide all the nerves that come with that. He’s good at mostly keeping his head in dire situations, but getting poked at by giant hands when you were supposed to be one of the tallest guys around just brings out the chillest sarcasm ever. Guys, how about not putting him in a jar, can we discuss that?

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Dean would definitely be harsher, but he wouldn’t kill Sam right away (one of the times it’s really, really good Sam was found by Dean and not by certain other hunters).

He would likely close his hand around Sam much tighter, though, and confiscate the knife from him before anything else. If Dean takes the time to look at the knife, there would be a lot more shock and demands of where did you get this and Sam completely confused and winded by it all, likely ending up under a vase until they both realize why they have matching knives, and then guilt for the ages for Dean.

And on your first guess, you nailed it!

Jacob’s on a Road Trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days! *is shot*

Dean rubbed his face. Now that everything else was ready to go, he reached for the bible he’d placed on the vase, moving it off. Next came the vase itself, lifting away from Jacob.

Jacob watched the vase lift upwards so easily in Dean’s hand. It had taken him so much effort to barely tilt the damn thing, and here Dean was, one-handing it. It was hard not to shudder at the power that human wielded, especially with the way he stood over the table, his shadow covering its only occupant.

Stumbling backwards several steps, Jacob’s face angled upwards. The bundle of food and the bottlecap of water he’d had were both forgotten in the wake of this new change. He was tempted to bolt, but he didn’t want to take his eyes off of the towering figure in front of him. Jacob knew he had nowhere to go anyway.

“What now?” he asked cautiously, a tremor in his voice. He knew he couldn’t even hope to make demands here. Dean was in charge and they both knew it.

Dean felt his shoulders slump an infinitesimal amount at the fear directed up at him but did his best to hide it from his face. He hadn’t done anything yet aside from trap Jacob in a vase to earn any modicum of trust. He’d have to work on that.

“Now, it’s time for us to go, half-pint.” Dean reached a hand towards the small guy on the table, enveloping him within grasping fingers for the second time since they’d met. There wasn’t a chance for the kid to try and dart away.

Even if he tried, it wouldn’t do him any good. He was too small compared to Dean.

Dean lifted Jacob up, staring down at himself as he tried to figure out what he’d do with the kid while traveling. He was too small to risk being seen by any other humans… and too fragile to even risk sitting in a bag like the duffel.

The chest pocket on his jacket provided the answer. Dean flipped open the flap of the pocket and judged the size of the fabric enclosure compared to the person in his hand. If anything, Jacob was small enough to fit with room to spare. Perfect.

Dean gave a sigh as he lowered a struggling Jacob into the pocket. “It’ll be safer in here. That way no one else will see you.” His fingers released the kid, dropping him the last inch down. Just to be safe, Dean buttoned the pocket up. He didn’t want to risk the kid trying to jump down from so high up. If he didn’t notice a foolhardy stunt like that in time, he could get seriously injured or hurt.

Before heading out, Dean swept the remainder of the pizza that Jacob had left on the table in a hand and chucked it at the trash in the room. He was already swinging his duffel onto his back before it ever landed so he didn’t notice the way it bounced off of the rim and onto the floor.

Long strides carried him out of the room.

They would be cautious and capture him to find out who/what he is, and if he has anything to do with the case they’re on. He’ll probably spend some time under a vase (at Dean’s insistence), while also getting to eat the pizza Sam offers him.

If Dean leaves the room, Sam will take that moment to give Jacob some air, letting him out of the vase. He’s four inches tall, no wings, and they have his climbing supplies, what’s the worst that could happen?

Being small around one giant Winchester can be nervewracking enough, but both of them? They’re such strong personalities compared to Jacob’s very relaxed nature. He’d be so cautious with everything, and also probably surprised they could catch him so fast. Those guys are speedy!

With Dean out of the room, his intensity is gone, but there’s still a curious Sam to deal with. I can see Jacob trying to sidle away when he thinks Sam’s not paying attention only to be dragged back, maybe poked for his trouble.

Sneak peek of Brothers Divided

Brothers Adopted started off with a bang when Dean Winchester discovered a tiny kid in his room. With no idea Jacob Andris was actually family, saved by Dean’s estranged little brother, Sam Winchester, he trapped him under a vase to get to the bottom of why Jacob was in his room. Sam soon showed up to stage a rescue, caught out in the open by Dean, who swiftly figured things out. But…

What if Dean never woke up and found Sam in his room? What would become of Jacob?

“S-Sam, look, I appreciate this, but don’t get yourself caught because of me, okay? I’m sorry I didn’t run fast enough. But you still have a shot here, and who knows? Maybe he’ll let me go?” Jacob tried to offer a casual smile like he actually believed the suggestion.

He tried.

Sam ignored the suggestion as he aimed again. “I’m not leaving you,” he insisted. “Aside from the fact Walt’s already going to kill me, I’m not losing another brother.” He grew silent for a moment with memories of his older brother in mind, then launched the hook in the air. This time it landed on the top. Cautious, Sam carefully drew it towards himself, praying it would catch on the book.

The shot was no good. It slipped off, tumbling towards Sam. With a fast grab, he snatched it out of the air. “Son of a bitch,” Sam hissed, using one of his brother’s favorite curses from when he’d been a human.

He stepped back for the next shot, preparing himself.

The room around them was silent as the hook sailed up into the air. The human over on the bed shifted, but didn’t wake up. Sam froze when the hook landed on the book with a barely audible thump, glancing towards where the huge man was lying.

But he never woke up.

With a sigh, Sam started to tug the hook towards himself. He didn’t know what he’d do if the human woke up. Despite his brave words, his stomach was clenched with fear. No amount of bravado was going to help save them if the man saw him. Sam’s knife would only go so far. It would be like trying to fight a dragon with a pig-sticker.

A few more throws later, and there was no progress. Every time the hook thumped so faintly on top of the bible above, Jacob felt like it made the loudest slamming noise he ever heard. He was astounded that the human never woke up, only shifted once or twice. Something had left the man tired, which was very fortunate for the two on the table.

Or unfortunate, as it was beginning to look. Jacob’s nerves were frayed beyond recognition. He stood at the edge of the small room formed by the glass, his hands pressed against the side while he watched that hook continuously fail to catch on the book or budge it in any way.

It was too heavy. Even Jacob would have a hard time moving the thing. To them, it might as well be a bus.

“Sam,” Jacob hissed, halting him before he wound up for another throw. Jacob’s shoulders slumped and he sighed. “It’s not gonna … I mean, even if you somehow manage to pull it down, it’s gonna make a noise he’ll definitely hear. There’s only one climbing rope between us, man.” Jacob rested his forehead against the glass with a quiet thunk and stared at his boots while he let the implications sink in.

Jacob was trapped and the only thing that’d get him out of there was the human asleep across the room.

“He doesn’t realize there are more people like us. Don’t get caught just because I messed up. You’ve got a chance!” Jacob shuddered and he felt a sting in his eyes for what he was asking Sam to do. Asking his adopted brother, the man who’d looked out for him ever since the curse, to abandon him to the whims of an enormous human.

Matching tears sprang to Sam’s eyes, making him blink fast to ward them away. He swallowed thickly, staring across the room at the human that occupied it.

Jacob was right.

If their situations were reversed, they might have a chance. Even if the hook caught on the edge of the bible, Sam wasn’t strong enough to pull it off. Not from below, with no support to draw on. Not with just a thin fishing line to pull with and a hook that wasn’t made to hold onto the pages of a book.


“No,” Sam repeated aloud. Sudden determination filled him even as he was enveloped in hopelessness. “No, I’m not leaving you! He could do anything, he could take you away… he could…”

He trailed off, staring in at Jacob. His unsaid words died on their ears.

He could kill you.

He will indeed! During the Brothers Adopted series, Dean and Jacob will have a run-in, and Sam isn’t around to straighten things out.

“Hey.” Leaning forward, Dean tapped against the glass vase a few times to get the guy’s attention again. “I already know you can talk so this silent treatment crap ain’t gonna do you any good.” Again, he felt ridiculously oversized seeing his finger next to someone so small. A casual tap like that against the kid might end up knocking him over. Hell, a stiff breeze might knock him over.

For a moment, all of Jacob’s fear vanished from his face, replaced by confusion. He frowned. The action hadn’t had any effect on his desire to speak to the human holding him captive. The scrutiny and the noise with the human that close had his nerves back in place in no time, but not without Jacob giving the human a look that said Really? He squared his shoulders, took a step forward, and drew a fist back. He punched the glass as hard as he could, defiance and frustration in the action. See how well this works? his expression seemed to say.

Dean was briefly caught off guard by the punch. It showed a spark of defiance he hadn’t expected, to say the least. A small bit of his former playful demeanor rose up in him and he found himself actually grinning for a moment. The angry facade dropped away, letting the Dean he used to be showed through in that moment.

“Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be?” Dean asked gamely. He tapped right back at the little guy, finger rapping lightly directly opposite where the punch had landed.

Jacob flinched in surprise, the sound of another tap on the glass startling him almost as much as the sudden shift in the giant face in front of him. A smile, a genuine one, lit up the human’s expression and a playful tone had leaked into his deep voice.

Jacob glanced side to side, waiting for someone to walk around the corner somewhere and end the joke here. His fist was still held up at the ready, but he glanced at it before looking at the glass, unsure if he should even try to punch again.