And on your first guess, you nailed it!

Jacob’s on a Road Trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days! *is shot*

Dean rubbed his face. Now that everything else was ready to go, he reached for the bible he’d placed on the vase, moving it off. Next came the vase itself, lifting away from Jacob.

Jacob watched the vase lift upwards so easily in Dean’s hand. It had taken him so much effort to barely tilt the damn thing, and here Dean was, one-handing it. It was hard not to shudder at the power that human wielded, especially with the way he stood over the table, his shadow covering its only occupant.

Stumbling backwards several steps, Jacob’s face angled upwards. The bundle of food and the bottlecap of water he’d had were both forgotten in the wake of this new change. He was tempted to bolt, but he didn’t want to take his eyes off of the towering figure in front of him. Jacob knew he had nowhere to go anyway.

“What now?” he asked cautiously, a tremor in his voice. He knew he couldn’t even hope to make demands here. Dean was in charge and they both knew it.

Dean felt his shoulders slump an infinitesimal amount at the fear directed up at him but did his best to hide it from his face. He hadn’t done anything yet aside from trap Jacob in a vase to earn any modicum of trust. He’d have to work on that.

“Now, it’s time for us to go, half-pint.” Dean reached a hand towards the small guy on the table, enveloping him within grasping fingers for the second time since they’d met. There wasn’t a chance for the kid to try and dart away.

Even if he tried, it wouldn’t do him any good. He was too small compared to Dean.

Dean lifted Jacob up, staring down at himself as he tried to figure out what he’d do with the kid while traveling. He was too small to risk being seen by any other humans… and too fragile to even risk sitting in a bag like the duffel.

The chest pocket on his jacket provided the answer. Dean flipped open the flap of the pocket and judged the size of the fabric enclosure compared to the person in his hand. If anything, Jacob was small enough to fit with room to spare. Perfect.

Dean gave a sigh as he lowered a struggling Jacob into the pocket. “It’ll be safer in here. That way no one else will see you.” His fingers released the kid, dropping him the last inch down. Just to be safe, Dean buttoned the pocket up. He didn’t want to risk the kid trying to jump down from so high up. If he didn’t notice a foolhardy stunt like that in time, he could get seriously injured or hurt.

Before heading out, Dean swept the remainder of the pizza that Jacob had left on the table in a hand and chucked it at the trash in the room. He was already swinging his duffel onto his back before it ever landed so he didn’t notice the way it bounced off of the rim and onto the floor.

Long strides carried him out of the room.

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