He will indeed! During the Brothers Adopted series, Dean and Jacob will have a run-in, and Sam isn’t around to straighten things out.

“Hey.” Leaning forward, Dean tapped against the glass vase a few times to get the guy’s attention again. “I already know you can talk so this silent treatment crap ain’t gonna do you any good.” Again, he felt ridiculously oversized seeing his finger next to someone so small. A casual tap like that against the kid might end up knocking him over. Hell, a stiff breeze might knock him over.

For a moment, all of Jacob’s fear vanished from his face, replaced by confusion. He frowned. The action hadn’t had any effect on his desire to speak to the human holding him captive. The scrutiny and the noise with the human that close had his nerves back in place in no time, but not without Jacob giving the human a look that said Really? He squared his shoulders, took a step forward, and drew a fist back. He punched the glass as hard as he could, defiance and frustration in the action. See how well this works? his expression seemed to say.

Dean was briefly caught off guard by the punch. It showed a spark of defiance he hadn’t expected, to say the least. A small bit of his former playful demeanor rose up in him and he found himself actually grinning for a moment. The angry facade dropped away, letting the Dean he used to be showed through in that moment.

“Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be?” Dean asked gamely. He tapped right back at the little guy, finger rapping lightly directly opposite where the punch had landed.

Jacob flinched in surprise, the sound of another tap on the glass startling him almost as much as the sudden shift in the giant face in front of him. A smile, a genuine one, lit up the human’s expression and a playful tone had leaked into his deep voice.

Jacob glanced side to side, waiting for someone to walk around the corner somewhere and end the joke here. His fist was still held up at the ready, but he glanced at it before looking at the glass, unsure if he should even try to punch again.

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