You’ll see this exact scenario play out in Brothers Unexpected, when Dean runs into a certain tiny someone in his motel room a month after losing Sam!

The motion stopped and Oscar winced. Already his face was wet with tears, silently released when he was paying more attention to his rising prison. This couldn’t be happening, and yet it was. He’d been caught by a human, just like his mom warned would happen if he wasn’t careful. Now, that human had all the control.

Light broke in and Oscar looked up. There was a flash of one of those green eyes again before the hands closed, and he flinched.

Oscar pushed timidly against the hands around him. The thick skin had some give to it, but there was no chance of prying himself free. Oscar had his safety pin in his bag for climbing, but he knew that using it as a weapon would only anger the much larger person. He might draw a little blood before the pin was taken away. He couldn’t help but imagine those hands closing in and squeezing him between them as a punishment. There’d be nothing left of him.

He drew in a rattling breath, a desperate sob, and curled up again. It was too much. A low, plaintive wail escaped him as he began to cry in earnest this time. All consideration of silence left, and his voice came out reedy and terrified. “Please, please d-don’t hurt me!”

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