Bothering Bowman Sneak Peek!

Bowman Leafwing would scoff at the idea of ‘giants’ out there in the forest, but after a run-in with Sam Winchester and his larger hunting buddies, he’ll have a hard time denying their existence.

To a sprite, ‘bigger’ usually meant ‘predator.’ Bowman, as low as he was on the food chain, wanted to be anywhere but caught in the watchful gaze of two giants.

He frowned and tried to wrench his arm free, but wasn’t nearly strong enough. He should have known better than to reveal himself. The stranger latched onto his arm may be sprite-sized, but he must be some kind of whatever the giants were.

Maybe he was just one of their young.

Bowman desperately spread his wings and fluttered them loudly, buffeting his current captor with the leafy appendages.

“Hey, wait!” Sam tried to yell as he almost got knocked down from the wind currents. “I just wanna know what you are!”

That was all either of them had time for. Dean’s hand dropped from the sky, closing around them both in an attempt to save Sam from his attacker. Sam found himself in a fleshy enclosure, rising through the air next to the struggling winged man as Dean stood to look at what he’d caught. “This is all your fault,” Sam griped at the winged man, trying to get himself unsquished. Dean’s ring was digging into his side.

Bowman heard nothing through the white noise of his terror. He was caught by a giant of all things, his wings squashed awkwardly in the biggest fist he’d ever seen. It shouldn’t be possible to be so large.

Jacob leaned in closer too, to get a better look at whatever Dean had in his hand with Sam. It was struggling as much as it could, those bright little eyes ablaze with panic. “Dude,” he whispered, noticing the wings as they twitched desperately.

“Ah, look out!” Jacob warned, but he was too late. The new creature leaned forward and bit Dean’s hand.

“Ow!” Dean said, cursing angrily. His fist sprang open reflexively from the bite, releasing the strange winged creature and Sam.


Who plummeted.

A bit of backstory for Brothers Found: This is actually the first AU we ever worked on, after A Lich of Sense was completed! Initially, it was all done by skype RP. The first and second stories started out that way, then for the horror story we switched to a better RP system so we didn’t lose any details. 

The first story was then rewritten the same way, but the second– Bothering Bowman– remained in its skype RP form. Forgive any formatting errors that might have snuck past us, this is the one and only story we’ll post that was done in skype. It was too much of a hassle in the end.

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