These got closer and closer throughout the day until someone actually landed right on the name! #ababs is now closed for votes and will get posted with the other sneak peeks.

It’s not a British slang word (to my knowledge, but my family is British so I can occasionally consider certain words common that aren’t), and it’ll be revealed in just a few days.

The ones that came closest to the actual name but still missed by a bit: 

A Break-In at Baker Street

Absent Brother at Baker Street

Someone’s in Baker Street that doesn’t belong, and now only one brother is in the flat! Nothing but trouble awaits the Baker Street crew during the second full story of the Brothers Consulted AU!

Guesses are no longer accepted for #ws, #don,  #auv, #rt, #awos,  #ababs and #teome! They have been guessed and previews will post, one per day, at 2pm est. You guys are on a roll!

Names that still need to be guessed:  #atth,  #bofa,  #bah,  #sotw,  #tttb and  #a:asocs

If all titles are guessed except for #a:asocs, we’ll reveal that one as a treat for such determination! Five more left!

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